What Crystals Can Go In The Water?

What Crystals Can Go In The WaterThe crystals are more effective than any other metals. They also need extra care when it comes to cleaning. If you are new, ask what crystals can go in the water.

You need to read all the vlog posts to know all the details about the crystal and its functioning. You will have a clear mindset about the crystals at the end of the post.

You will need to fear out to purchase the crystals. To cleanse your crystal, you must know the crystal types. Every crystal has its significant role and property.

The nature and property of the crystal will decide the dissolvability. You can not judge a crystal by its looks for dissolvability.

You will need to focus on the proper measurement to decide on the breakage of crystals.

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How do you select the range of crystals?

Can you select the range of crystals? Yes, there is a scientific measurement of selecting the range. The Mohs scale is the source of finding out the crystal’s range and nature.

The scale has a 0-10 range in numbers. These numbers will help in allocating nature. It will not be for the water if you see the five or low.

Putting that in water gives it enough chances to break and lose color. You can say they are weak crystals. The six and above are quiet enough that they will not break easily.

You can put them in water as long as you wish. It will not lose its properties and nature.

Their nature and characteristics will remain the same.

On the other hand, the weak crystals are entirely different in the scenario. You have to take care of them as much as you can. They tend to lose their consistency very quickly.

Will nature affect the crystals?

Do you think the nature of water removes the characteristics of crystals? Yes, it is pretty standard, as water itself has a lot of elements in it. There are various components exist in the water.

They usually react with the elements of crystals and effects the crystals. Some of the water has salt in it. This salty water will cause your crystal to break easily.

You must use clear and plain water to wash out your crystals. You will need to dip the crystal in some filtered water. Afterward, you will clean it with a clean cloth.

This reaction will not affect the texture of the crystal. The pollutants in water will ruin the shine and delegate nature of the crystal.

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What is the best temperature of water for cleaning? 

Does the temperature affect the cleaning of the crystal? You must maintain the best and moderate water temperature to clean the crystal.

The slightly warm water is more suitable than any other water. The extreme cold and hot water will indeed affect the texture of the crystal.

For some reason, the metal is specified as crystal if it has a significant quality. You can classify metal with its prodigious nature. These are in two groups with a solvable nature.

The one group has the metal related to a hardness that will not ruin the texture are:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose quartz
  • Snow quartz
  • Jasper
  • Citrine

The other group has all the crystals with soft textures, such as:

  • Obsidian
  • Tourmaline

Does the hard metal need extra care?

Yes, no matter the nature of the metal, you will still need to be extra careful. Cleaning the metal in water for a long time can cause dissolvability.

All metal, mostly copper and iron, will dissolve into rust. The property of the metal will also decide the worth of the crystal.

The metal that has more shine will show the signs of more visibility. The visibility of every metal is the crucial source of its quality.

In most cases, you will see that metal is wholly dissolved in the water. You can fix this issue by waiting and leaving it at room temperature for some time.

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This reaction will bring the metal back to its original form. Do not use something sharp on the crystal when you are cleaning it.

The sharpness will affect the boldness of the metal as it is not present in its original form. The more you mold it, the more it will lose its natural characteristics.

Losing the energetic characteristics

Will the crystal lose its energetic property? Yes, once your crystal starts a reaction in the water, it has a chance to lose energy.

The energetic characteristics are the reaction agents present in the metals. These characteristics tend to be a chemical reaction.

Water has a lot of chemical components that will affect the properties of the crystal. Many people use this technique to test the nature and properties of the metal.

This technique will help recognize some specific metals as every metal has structure and compound formation. Every metal can not live with the water.

They will lose their worth once the water reacts with them. Many ornaments worldwide do specifically not react to water as it will make them lose their worth.

You will need to clean them with some moderately warm and soft cloth.


Does the hot affect the texture of the crystal?

Yes, the nature of crystals is much affected by the temperature of the water.

Will the metal lose its worth? 

Yes, once you add some hard metal to water, the reaction will make the metal lose its worth.

Can you fix the dissolved metal? 

Yes, but you will need to wait sometime at room temperature.

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You will get all your confusion out of your mind in the med. This post has helped me determine what crystals can go into the water.

You will need to know the nature of the crystals before using water on them. The nature of every metal is not exact. Nature will decide what sort of reaction it will have.

Once you get the complete details about the metal property, your procedure cleaning will be more manageable.

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