Water Softener System Costco – Price, Benefits, and Reviews

Water-Softener-System-CostcoSoft water is essential for maintaining your family’s health and comfort.

Most of us take it for granted, but the whole body system can be adversely affected without enough alkali in water.

There are so many water softeners available in the market. But in this article, we will discuss Costco’s water softener system.

Quick Overview Of Costco Wholesale Corporation

Costco is the largest wholesale club in the world. It was founded in 1983 and has grown to become an international brand that does business in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Costco Wholesale Corporation is known for offering customers a wide range of products at low prices, including food, household items, and electronics. The company’s stores also sell Costco-branded products like Kirkland Signature wine and beer, Kirkland Signature coffees, and Kirkland Signature vitamins.

In addition to its store locations, Costco Wholesale Corporation also operates membership warehouses called Costco Warehouses (as well as Sam’s Club). These warehouses have access to all of Costco’s warehouse deals and buy-one-get-one-free offers on various products.

Costco’s Water Softener System 

If you’re looking for a water softener system, you’ve come to the right place. Costco has a great selection of systems that will make your life easier.



Costco’s Water Softener System is one of the most popular systems on the market. It has a lower price tag than other systems but has several benefits over other brands.

  1. It lasts longer than other brands. The tank lasts up to 15 years and can be replaced once it reaches capacity with new tanks from Costco at a low cost.
  2. The water softener system is simple to use and install. It comes with all the necessary parts and can be installed by anyone in just a few hours with no tools required! You don’t have to worry about buying extra parts or spending time searching for them at home—this system comes ready to go!
  3. The water softener system reduces iron levels by 99%. It means your laundry will not be stained by iron gains when using this product.
  4. The system has a built-in filter that will keep your water soft and clean for years. You don’t have to worry about replacing any filters or cartridges—change the tank if it gets full.
  5. You can use salt or chlorine tablets to adjust your water’s taste and smell. It means you don’t have to buy bottled water or worry about having too much salt in your water supply.
  6. It’s very energy efficient—this means that you will save money over time as well as reduce your carbon footprint
  7. The system also includes a programmable timer and automatic shut-off if the tank gets too full. It makes it easy to schedule when you want to run the system, which means less stress on you when it comes time to refill.
  8. Another great feature is that no batteries are required—the system uses solar power instead. So even if there isn’t direct sunlight available for charging (like during winter), there’s no need to regularly replace or deal with dead batteries that won’t work anymore.



Costco’s water softener system is a good option for many people, but there are some drawbacks to it that you should know.

  1. Costco’s water softener system does not include filtration or sedimentation filters (usually included with other brands). It means if you live in an area with hard or calcified water, such as an area near a lake or river. Where there are lots of minerals in the water supply—you might need to buy these filters separately if you want them installed on your system as part of its initial purchase.
  2. The biggest drawback of Costco’s system is how much salt it uses. The basic model requires 8 ounces of salt per gallon of water, while the deluxe model only requires 6 ounces per gallon, which means you may use up more than twice as much salt if you upgrade.
  3. It only has one setting: “on,” so if you need more options than “on,” there aren’t any options available with this system. It can be problematic if you want to adjust the amount of salt being added or how often it needs replenishing


Costco’s Water Softener System is a great way to get a top-quality water softener system at an affordable price. The unit is easy to install and comes with a five-year warranty.

It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to save money on their water bills while still getting the best possible water system.


Many customers have said they love their new Costco Water Softener System because it makes life easier and more convenient. They can now enjoy soft water without worrying about hardening overtime again in the future.

Costco’s water softener system comes with a free installation kit, including everything you need to get started: from the softener itself to setup instructions and a user manual. The installation takes only about an hour or two (depending on your plumbing experience and once you’re done, you have your home-based water softener system.

The main selling point of this system is its ease of use: fill up your tank with salt water, turn on the unit, and forget about it! You don’t have to check in on it frequently—check periodically to see if your salt level needs replenishing. It’s also very easy to clean—add some white vinegar and let it sit overnight before dumping out any leftovers.

Let’s summarize 

Costco’s water softening system is a good product for those looking to soften their home’s water without dealing with hassle or special systems.

People love that it is easy, effective, and fast. The price may be a little high for the on-the-spot shopper, but if you know the costs involved with the process, you will find the price tag reasonable.

Overall this is a great product and should provide a happy medium between those who don’t want to pay the extra cost of a Brine Tank and those who prefer valves with a metal head.

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