Springwell Water Softener Reviews – Is it Worth Buying?

Springwell Water Softener ReviewsMany people overlook the quality of water that comes via their central supply system, leading to several problems that they later discovered were caused by their home’s water source.

The strong presence of harmful chemicals like lead, iron, chlorine, arsenic, and numerous viruses and bacteria in contaminated water cause a variety of health issues, including hair dryness, breakage, hair loss, skin irritation and stomach ailments.

Whole-house water filter and softener systems are among the most widely used filtration systems in the United States as well as around the world. These systems are top-rated since they are both efficient and provide high-quality water.

A whole-home water filter is a device that is designed to cleanse and soften water by removing chemicals, sediments, dirt, and other known pollutants.

A whole house filter such as the Springwell water softener, filters out and softens the entire water supply of the house to provide you with clean and clear water that doesn’t cause health risks. It also depends on what type of filtration and water treatment you need.

Another thing is that it also depends on the kind of location you are at, and your water softener system should be bought based on that. For instance, some people want to treat the well water while others live in the city, so it is important to know what kind of product you want and for which specific issue.

Continue reading Springwell water softener reviews, it will probably answer your all queries.

Springwell Water Softener Reviews – 2023

Key Features

  • Electricity free usage
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Durable, lifetime warranty

Springwell falls under the best of whole-house water filtration systems, as it provides one of the highest-rated and most affordable systems on the market. The Springwell Whole House Filtration System employs four stages of filtration, premium coconut carbon, and KDF media to filter 1,000,000 gallons of water.

It gets rid of dangerous substances, including chlorine, lead, and heavy metals. It also eliminates impurities such as chloramine, VOCs, pesticides, haloacetic acids, unpleasant odour, and taste, as well as bacterial development.

The revolutionary technology employed by the Springwell system to filter more toxins out of your water by increasing contact time with the media is one of the system’s main advantages.

Above all, Springwell provides a 6-month money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on all components and parts. The Springwell System includes an easy-to-install kit as well as for instructions on how to install it yourself or hire a professional.

This whole-house water filtration system offers plenty of substantial benefits. First, the stainless steel body in which the cartridge is wrapped is one of them. This will assure the unit’s longevity and durability. You won’t have to be concerned about corrosion or rust once it’s fitted.

The high-quality catalytic coconut shell that you use to filter your water will also give the water a great taste. Simply by looking at these two factors, we can deduce that the manufacturer is primarily concerned with the unit’s quality.

Special features

  • Easy Installation: The Springwell water filtration system is super easy to install within 3 hours and provides the best quality filtration system in the entire industry.

  • Improved water quality: The water quality is ultimately enhanced, and the water is purified for your usage for drinking, showering, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and other purposes.
  • Best price: The product comes at the best cost as compared to the other water softeners on the market.
  • Guaranteed purity: The water softener system comes with a six-month payback guarantee.
  • Quality material: Springwell ensures high-quality material such as stainless steel wraps, catalytic coconut shell carbon that effectively reduces water contaminants. The stainless body of the water softener ensures its durability and longevity, which does not deteriorate quickly.
  • Energy-saving: The water softener does not require electricity to function, which saves you loads of electricity bills.
  • Warranty: The water softener comes with a lifetime warranty, so there is no need to worry about anything.

Testing and review

As a result, I chose to test the Springwell water softener on well water because it is best to test the softener in all types of water. The well water was quite dirty and  had already affected a lot of my things before I got the softener, such as red rust stains and marks on the bathtubs, around sinks and faucets, and even my clothes were stained from the iron in the water.

In barely a week, I observed the effects of the Springwell water softener, but I had to empty the prior water in order to restart the water cleaning process.

I really like how quick and convenient it is to link the app to the unit and control it. The installation took no time at all and was straightforward and took about two hours.

I changed one thing about the installation, which was to face the tanks in the opposite way, which allowed for brackets so I could strap them to the house for safety, and I attached unions to the piping so the tanks could be removed if necessary.

Another advantage is that it does not require any further maintenance, which saves you a lot of money. The app makes it even easier to use because you can control the water softener, monitor water usage, modify regeneration timings, and more, all from the palms of your hands.

The Springwell Water Filtration system was a significant improvement for my skin as I immediately saw the water quality improvement, and my skin was no longer acting up with the water contact (Usually, I have acne-prone skin that tends to get irritated quickly).

Still, this time the water did not dry out my skin. Other advantages I’ve seen after installing this system are that the water and ice cubes no longer have a terrible odour or a strange chemical taste.


  • Filters up to 1,000,000 gallons of water without sacrificing water pressure.
  • It is made in the U.S and offers a 6-month payback guarantee as well as a complete lifetime warranty.
  • Effectively removes all kinds of impurities and water contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, harsh chemicals, and metals.
  • It doesn’t require electricity usage, so you save more.


  • You’ll need to hire a plumber if you’re not comfortable doing things by yourself or have no prior knowledge of plumbing or fitting.
  • A replacement filter isn’t included with the kit, so you have to look for it on retail sites.


Is it easy to install if I want to do it myself?

Yes, it is pretty easy to install if you have prior knowledge about plumbing as it is DIY friendly. If not, you may hire a professional to do so, which will cost you extra dollars, but if you are willing to have the fitting for a long time, then professional help is the best option.

Can this water softener be installed outside, or is it just for indoors?

Yes, the water softener can be installed both indoors and outdoors; however, if the weather is too cold, it is not recommended to do so as the water will freeze.

Does the main tank require flushing every once in a while?

No, however, the filters are recommended to be changed every six months.

Final words

Most reviewers mentioned that the Springwell water softener purifies and filters the water effectively, improving the water quality and taste. The installation of the water softener is easy and comes with an application so you can control the device’s functionality from your cell phone.

I recommend the Springwell water softener because it offers simple and cost-effective options for effective function, increased water purity and quality, and health advantages.

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