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Short Vs Tall Water Heater: Which One’s Better?

Short-Vs-Tall-Water-HeaterBeing busy is the new trend all around the world, it feels like there is nothing much left for a relaxing little break. But your bathroom is still a place where you can unwind without thinking twice, it is like a mini spa room in your house. A good shower and a bath can renew your body and mind and what better than hot water to provide such service.

Using hot water for external use has countless benefits; if you come tired and tense from work, a hot shower or bath will help ease up the stress around your neck and shoulders and provide you with the comfort you need.

If you bathe with hot water before you sleep, you will feel energised yet calm because the heated water will relax you and allow you to be comfortable and stress-free before you go to sleep, it will also help you with any sleep problems you are facing because of your busy schedule.

To fulfil your needs and desires, it is very important that you use a water heater that is readily available for you at all times. How would you choose the best one? It depends on the need and capacity you will use it. There are two kinds available in the market; a short and a tall water heater.

This article will provide a detailed comparison between a shirt and a tall water heater so you can identify which suits your preferences as well as your needs.

This video will give you an idea about the size of the water heater most suitable to match your demands:

Here are the comparative factors for both the short and tall water heater to help you decide better;

What does it mean by a tall and short water heater?

Tall Water Heater:


As the name itself suggests, a tall water heater is a larger version of a water heater with a capacity that ranges from 30 to 100 gallons of water and it can be around 76 inches with a 21-inch overall diameter. Because of its huge size and capacity, you will have to store it in a different space that is large enough to contain its installation system.

Not only the heater itself is huge, but the pipes that come with it for installation are also 40 inches in height so you will need a separate room like a basement or anywhere you can access it in a better way without compromising the installation promise. Though you can still install the pipes in a crosswise manner.

Just make sure that the tall water heater is installed in a vertical position so that you avoid the risks of the main water supply pipe leaking or causing any clogging issues.

Short Water Heater:


The measurements of a short water heater are usually around 50 inches in length, 26 inches in diameter, and can hold up to a total of 50 gallons of water. These are more convenient to install if you are running low on house space so there won’t be any accommodation issues with this water heater. The supply pipeline is also around 32 inches which makes it easier to adjust and install.

Do They Have Similar Features?


Yes, both of the water heaters operate the same way and have similar features, they can be either electric or operated by gas. They also usually have a tank or a container that goes along with them. Because of this tank, most of the water heaters hold up the heated water for your use at any time which makes them readily available at any time.

Although they have different sizes, you can install them either inside or outside or even the basement depending upon the house size and capacity to install the entire system. Don’t forget that it should always be installed in a place near the main water supply of the house.

As shown in the picture above, the anode rod helps prevent the water tank from the effects of rust and oxidation or premature rusting and damage. The rod also prevents the accumulation of sediment build-up in the water heater’s tank so make sure you see all the specifications before buying one.

Things To Remember

Whichever water heater you buy, depending on your preferences, you should always make sure you have enough space to accommodate the water heater as well as the plumbing pipeline system you are getting. You can either do it by yourself or hire a professional to get an exact measure of what you are getting yourself into.

The measurements should include both the length as well as the breadth of the heating device and pipes along with the ease of movement so it is easy to maintain and keep a check on for any possible changes you need to make or update.

Don’t forget to check the area of installation of the heater, if it has a leakage or seepage problem, there would be more chances for the water heater surface to deteriorate. It should always be larger than the entire water heating system so that there is enough space for maintenance matters.

When installing or thinking of buying a water heater, you can encounter a number of different thoughts and ideas and sometimes they may not match with reality so it is always better to consult an expert for advice on which heater you should get for a better functioning system suited for your household.

Also, make sure that the water heater suits the needs of your house depending upon how much water is actually needed; a large household needs a higher capacity water output so the tall heater would be the perfect choice while for houses with fewer members, naturally, the requirement of water will be less so a short one will do just fine.

In addition, a tall water heater comes with a high price as well as a higher energy bill while the short heater helps you save energy and money on bills depending upon your requirements, choose whatever you think is the best.


Is a gas heater better if I want to save money?

A gas water heater is generally more expensive than an electrical one, but if you invest in it, it will help you save energy and will last long.

How do I differentiate between gas and an electrical heater?

It is quite simple, just look for pipes in a gas one and heating elements in the electrical one.

Final Thoughts

aShort or tall, a water heater is a necessity in a household whether you are living in a cold place or you enjoy using the hot water for household use. The capacity, energy efficiency, budget, and personal preference will help you decide what to choose the best and I hope this article clarified some of the things you were confused about.