Seychelle Water Filter Reviews: US Tested Purified Water

Seychelle Water Filter ReviewsAre you facing bad water taste problem? Fact is that you are not alone; there are thousands of other people who experience the same issue not only during trip and traveling but also at their home and office. I’m here to offer you the best solution which comes in the form of Seychelle water filters.

I’m going to share my experience with its three different product with you. My Seychelle water filter reviews would help you pick the right product for your home and travel. So, let’s dig into the details of this product after a quick introduction about the name behind these products.

Know Seychelle a bit more

You have heard the name of this brand, whenever it comes to water filtration. So, let’s get to know this brand a little more. Carl Palmer is the founder of Seychelle Technologies Incorporated. He has been working in the water filtration industry for more than 40 years. He is famous all over the world as one of the world’s leading pioneers in the field of water filtration technology. His aim is to offer safe and affordable water to all those who need it. This corporation brings a wide variety of water filters based on customer’s requirements.

Seychelle Water Filter Reviews

This brand offers a wide variety of products to its customer but I picked three products based on positive ratings and reviews of its verified customers. It is time to know which product works great.

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Filter Pitcher

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Filter PitcherI’m living in Virginia and taste of water at my location is really bad. Therefore, I decided to give a try to this alkaline filter pitcher by Seychelle. I just didn’t need a water filter, I wanted to have a filter that can raise the water pH level. During my search, I read Seychelle water filter reviews and came to know that Seychelle was the first brand that introduces alkaline water filters. Seychelle has been offering this kind of filter for more than 20 years. At that time, I decided to buy one and give it a try.

I used it several times. Now I am in a position to make a claim that this alkaline water filter improves water taste and also works as a pH enhancer.

As far as design is concerned, this pitcher is well-made. It was really easy for me to assemble all parts together, even I didn’t read the instruction manual. It is made in the USA and also tested in the USA. While you are going to buy a water filter, beware of those companies that offer untested filters.

Seychelle alkaline filter is integrated with advanced technology, therefore it increases pH level to 9.5 and thereby it brings healthy water for the whole family. The good thing about this pitcher is that it removes both organic and inorganic contaminants from the water. This pitcher has been tested by authorities and it has proved that it removes benzene, MTBE, VOCs, THMs, chloroform, mercury, arsenic and another kind of pollutants from tap water.

  • Good taste water
  • Great design, easily fit in the fridge
  • The pitcher is suitable to use with chlorinated or disinfected water
  • 4 cup capacity
  • Simple lid fill design
  • You can get high-quality pH water, great tasting alkaline water
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Bring water pH to 9.0 for safe and healthy drinking
  • A dial on lid reminds you of filter replacement
  • Filter replacement is required after every 3 months
  • You cannot use it with private wells, rivers, streams or salt water.
  • The slow filtration process requires around 20 minutes for 1 reservoi
  • It does not filter water without leaving residue/oil type on cups when making tea/coffee


Seychelle Flip Top Bottle

Seychelle Flip Top BottleWhen you need an advanced water filter bottle for outdoor use then you should give a preference to Seychelle Flip-top bottle. This bottle is made of high-quality plastic. It won’t break or damage when you throw it on the floor. This durable design makes it a perfect choice for adventures like hiking, fishing, trekking, etc. Even you can consider it a great bottle to keep with you during survival or when you are doing disaster preparedness.

This outdoor bottle by Seychelle remove 99.9% bacteria, virus, and radiological material, organic and inorganic contaminants. The filtered water taste really great and has optimal clarity. Other bottles only remove bacteria, but this bottle has a power to keep virus and waterborne contaminants away from your drinking water.

Seychelle designed this bottle in a way that it offers great peace of mind during emergency and extreme situations such as Tornado, flood, fire, nuclear event, hurricane, etc. It offers you safe drinking water, no matter what kind of environment you are living in. It has a capacity of more than 100 gallons of good water taste which is better and equal to bottled water.

I didn’t pick this bottle randomly; I read several Seychelle water filter reviews and notice that this product was the best selling. Actually, this bottle can work with any kind of water source like tap, rainwater, rivers, streams, lakes. It removes chlorine, sediment, dirt, dissolved solids and heavy metals from freshwater supplies.

  • Helps you during disaster preparedness
  • BPA free Squeezable bottle
  • Best bottle for outdoor use like travel, hiking, biking, and camping
  • You can take it with you during your adventure and travel
  • It takes out fishy smell and taste of city water
  • The bottle is made of durable plastic
  • Good quality and well-designed bottle
  • It takes chlorine tastes 99.99 % out from the water.
  • If you tip it more than 45 degrees upward then water will splash on you.
  • Need to suck on this bottle for getting the water out from it.
  • You experience leakage problem when it is not perfectly upright.
  • Its straw breaks off after some time, you might have to search for the replacement


Seychelle Radiological Family Water Pitcher

Seychelle 1-40401-W RadiologicalWhen you need fresh and clean drinking water for the whole family then it is possible through this water filter. It is designed to remove four different kinds of contaminations from the water: Aesthetic such as Chlorine taste, Dissolved Solids like heavy metals, radiological contaminants, for example, Radon 222, and Flouride.

You might find some water filters that removes aesthetic contaminants and dissolved solids but what you can’t find easily is a filter that removes radiological contaminants and fluoride. So, why look around when you are able to get a complete package deal with seychelle water filter?

This pitcher is BPA free and quite easy to use. You can filter around 150 gallons of water with one filter, after that you should replace the filter. In other words, it requires filter replacement after 2-3 months.

You might have read different Seychelle water filter reviews but one thing which is missing in all those reviews is the notification i.e. Seychelle products are tested in the US. “The proprietary Seychelle Ionic Adsorption Micron Filter (IAMF) has been tested extensively by Independent Government laboratories in the US and throughout the world to strict EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF Standards 42 and 53â€.

In simple words, when you use a water filter from this brand then you would have great confidence in the water you drink. The reason is that this water will be free from all harmful contaminants. Thus it is a good fit for your health and wellness.

Although, you can’t use this pitcher with private wells, streams, and ocean water it is quite the suitable filter for tap, rivers, streams, ponds or creeks water.

  • Offer great water taste
  • Laboratory tested water
  • Affordable product
  • Great pitcher for use during traveling
  • Better than other gravity filter pitchers.
  • It removes multiple radiological contaminants
  • Easy to use water filter pitcher.
  • It doesn’t remove chlorine odor.
  • Filter clogs quickly, you need to replace it after one month.
  • The small cover on the spout needs to be opened manually when you pour water.
  • Bad design, sometimes contaminated water leaks into treated water.


Wrap Up

In my Seychelle water filter reviews, I have made it clear what product will be suitable for home use and what you can take easily for outdoor. Now the question is whether you need to buy a water filter from the Seychelle or not. Well, the simple answer is yes. These products definitely worth your investment, you are able to get a water filter that brings clean and healthy water at your disposal. Best of all, every product is quite affordable and you don’t need to break the bank for its shopping. So, what do you think?