Is Your Pur Water Filter Leaking? 5 Common Reasons

Is-Your-Pur-Water-Filter-LeakingIf you ever dream of living healthier and happier, it begins with a clear, pure, and healthy drink of water that replenishes every cell of your body and renews life in you.

This life is not just limited to you, pure and clear water is essential for your entire house starting from your clothes, dishes, pipelines, and the whole water supply system as well as your machinery.

A water filter is one such device that will help you achieve pure, crystal clear water that is the idea of your healthy lifestyle.

A water filter not only removes excess harsh minerals such as calcium and magnesium, lead and mercury, and other impurities and contaminants but also gets rid of disease-causing bacteria and sediment from water, resulting in purified water every time you want it.

Pur water filters are known to remove 99.9 percent of all disease-causing bacteria, specifically the ones leading to intestinal discomfort. It also removes a number of chemicals such as chlorine from the water and converts your impure water into a healthy and refreshing beverage also removing any ill odours.

But what happens if you start facing difficulties with your Pur water filter such as sudden leakage? In such a case, you need to identify the problem at hand as to what is causing problems with your Pur water filter especially if you just bought it or it has not been quite some time.

This article will help you understand some common reasons why leakage is most probably happening in your Pur water filter.

Is Your Pur Water Filter Leaking? – 5 Common Reasons

Following are some of the reasons your Pur water filter might be leaking;

Faucet Lever Is Loosened


As you can see on this image above, there is a on and off lever, if you notice the water leaking from this point, immediately stop using your faucet. What you are supposed to do is remove the entire water filter from the faucet and reinstall it using correct methods.

As also identified in the image, there is a threaded mounting nut, when uninstalling the device, turn this nut in a clockwise direction. After you remove the nut, also proceed to remove the cover of the mount and rotate the filter cartridge, positioning it firmly into place.

When you want to reinstall the device, make sure the device is held in a horizontal position and proceed to turn the lever on and off a few times before you can actually put it to use.

Issues with The Plastic Ring


The plastic ring or the O ring is the elastic covering around the filter cartridge which serves the purpose of blocking out any air or water leakage if it is properly fixed. This is usually the case in the faucet filters, notice if there is any change in the elasticity of the ring, if it is worn out or nearing the expiry date, replace it immediately.

Internal Damage


This one is a more serious damage issue where the water supply of your house is responsible for causing problems with your Pur water filter.

The hard water minerals are present in an excess which are usually magnesium and calcium in high amounts and since they also have other impurities, this deteriorates the outer surface of the filter.

As a result, the water filter will not be able to perform its job correctly due to a fault in its internal design and will result in leakages as well as blockages. The only solution in this case considering the quality of your water is to frequently replace your water filter.

Loose Filter Fitting

Now this one is related to the improper installation of the water filter in your water filter pitcher and this will eventually result in water leakage. When you correctly utilise the device, you should feel the filter clicking into place which identifies that the filter has fit perfectly.

If not, then the filtered and unfiltered water will continue to mix together and the filter will not perform its job properly. To solve this issue, you will have to take off the filter and reinstall it by rotating it in a counterclockwise direction and wait till you hear the clicking sound, as well as the filter cap, will also make a fixed sound.

Incompatibility Problems

To be safe, the Pur water filter kit does contain all sorts of adapters for your water filter but in case if it messes up in any way, you will notice the gap in the joint between the tap and the water filter and this is because the adapter is not compatible with your faucet.

As well all know that faucets come in different designs and shapes and not every adapter will be compatible with yours. You can try removing the adapter and see if the leakage has stopped, if that doesn’t work, try using any of the three adapters that come with the Pur water filter kit.


Do all water filters soften the water as well?

No, currently there are some water filters that not only remove impurities from the water but soften it as well which is basically removing the excess minerals from the water. The filters usually retain the important minerals back into the water so that no nutrients are wasted.

Does a water filter remove odours from water as well?

Yes, most of the water filters, specifically the carbon ones strive to remove the chlorinated or bleach smells from the water as well as other bacterial odours.

Final Thoughts

There could be other possible reasons why your Pur water filter is leaking and it is important that you look into the reasons thoroughly before reaching a solution or conclusion.

A water filter is a necessity and its maintenance is a must because it will help you maintain a healthy life by providing you with crystal clear water that is free from chemicals and impurities.