Pelican Water Softener Reviews [Buyer’s Guide 2023]

Pelican Water Softener ReviewsNowadays hardness of water is a significant problem. Some composites of minerals and calcium become the reason for water hardness. Water hardness can cause various issues, for example, a weird taste and smell, mounting on your home gadget, and a greasy texture to the water that does not ever feel thoroughly cleansed despite how much soap you use.

Fortunately, a water softener can set on the hardness of the water. If you want a salt-less water softener and an anti-scale system, there are many great available in the market. Maybe you know about numerous approaches that can target all these particular requirements. However, the Pelican water Softener is the best-known system. With this water softener, you can fulfill all your needs by the system, such as conditioning benefits, soft water, and anti-scalar.

Pentair Pelican NS3-P water softener is the best alternative that varies from the conventional water softener in various ways. Commonly many water softeners use salt and electricity, but Pelican Water Softener is electricity and salt-free. This water softener is certified to prevent 99.6% hard scale water. It keeps valuable minerals in your water and almost requires no repairs.

Continue reading this article for detailed pelican water softener reviews and features.

Pelican Water Softener reviews

Some essential features in the pack of this softener integrated are,

  • Installation guide
  • Pre-filter
  • Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative System Tank
  • Bypass Valve

Pentair Pelican NS3-P Water Softener Alternative is packed with various features. In the market, this is the only water softener that is certified 99.6% effective to reduce scale buildup by DVGW-9191. The Pentair Pelican NS3-P water softener can hold 75 grains per gallon water hardness level. For safe and sound equipment and structural reliability, this system is qualified by National Science Foundation principles 42 and 61.

By treating challenging water levels with no use of salt or insensitive chemicals, this water softener increases the life of appliances and plumbing. A 5-micron filter system aids in guarding your pelican system and your house appliances against the harmful effect of residue buildup. The system filters down to 5 microns, 20 times lesser than the human’s hair span and yet smaller than soil and pollen particles.

In Pentair Pelican NS3-P water softener, as the water moves through the system, mineral deposits that become the reason for hard water are crystallized with the salt-less granules that alter the chemical concentration of mineral components. As a result, they would not be able to attach to your kitchen appliances, pipes, and shower stuff.

Pentair Pelican Water Softener is eco-friendly. These are the only salt-free water softener which not requires electricity. Furthermore, the granules of pelican NS3 never need to be replaced. At the same time, other softeners require expensive replacements after every 3-5 years.

The Pelican NS3 water softener is designed for 1-3 bathrooms. This water softener has a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute. Its size is 9 inches, and it requires a space of 18×18×49.5 inches for installation. Its operating temperature is 36-120 F, and operating pressure is 25-80PSI.

Salt-based water softeners usually eliminate the reserves to decrease water hardness, particularly magnesium and calcium, from the water. While on the other hand, the Pelican water softener neutralizes these minerals/resources instead of removing them. This system is an ideal resolution because these minerals incorporate fitness benefits.

This system is wrapped in the finest stainless steel for more stability and durability. We can install this system indoors and outdoors with a limited lifetime warranty.

Overview of Pentair Pelican NS3-P Water Softener Alternative

The most excellent parts regarding this system are its low-maintenance and easy installation. The installation of this softener is straightforward, and all installation details are available in the installation guide, which is simple to understand.

With this water softener, you will observe outcomes instantly. To ensure a more extended life, you would not watch rust/scales on your equipment and plumbing. Stains on your glassware become a thing of the past, and your kitchen appliances will run more proficiently.

The sinks and showers of your bathroom will seem to be cleaner with no soap crust. An additional extraordinary benefit is that you will observe better foam with a smaller amount of shampoo and soap, ensuring a cleaner experience.

During laundry, you will note more effectiveness in your washing machine. To clean clothes, you will require less detergent, and your clothes will stay brighter with more minor vanishing/fading.

The cost-effective advantages are apparent in various ways. All your appliances will last longer because this system treats and eliminate scales. Additionally, this system reduces your overall heating cost.

The most significant perk of this system is that you can enjoy safe, healthy drinking water with extra minerals. Softener media of this system never needs replacing while the deposit filters requests to be replaced every 6-9 months.


  • Fine look
  • Qualified as 99.6% efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Instruction guide available
  • Less maintenance
  • Non-electric
  • Single-tank design cover less space
  • Not remove beneficial minerals
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Zero water wasted
  • Long-lasting stainless steel design
  • Soft skin and hair
  • Good taste water


  • Costly
  • Leave water spots
  • It Maybe challenging to pre-soak the tank

Final words

In my opinion, the Pentair Pelican NS3-P water softener alternative is best. Its functioning is the same as it claims. The parts were abounding, all appropriately fixed, and installation was easy. We get a large number of particles out from the water. I am delighted with this product as it is eco-friendly, more effective, and certified by NSF.

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