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iSpring ED2000 Review – Your Chemical-Free Water Descaling Solution

iSpring ED2000 ReviewWater is the most instrumental ingredient in our lives. In fact, nearly every major bodily system of the human body is smartly designed around water. It is the main source of health. However, due to water hardness, the quality of water gets affected.

Purified drinking water is vital to human health in order to survive. This makes it imperative to have the right equipment to protect the purity and quality of water we consume.

iSpring Ed2000 Whole House Water Descaler really worked for me. I bought it after research and found out that it’s doing well on the market. I like its chemical-free attribute right from the beginning.

It descales hard water stains from pipes and surfaces without any hassle. It is good at removing chlorine, rust, and algae from water to make it healthier for me and my family. It cleans the whole house water system and pipes fast.

Continue reading iSpring Ed2000 review, for in-depth analysis.

iSpring ED2000 review – A detailed guide


iSpring Ed2000 Whole House Water descaler is a hi-tech water cleaning solution with the following specifications:

  • Brand: iSpring Water Systems, LLC
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 x 2 inches
  • Origin Country: China
  • Style: Water Conditioner
  • Usage: Electronic
  • Included components: 1 Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner
  • Battery included: No
  • Battery required: No

Enhanced Water Quality

iSpring ED2000 Water Descaler works out hard water problems without the involvement of any chemicals. You don’t need any salts or maintenance to get the job done. It preserves healthy minerals in your drinking water while blocking scale deposits from forming. Additionally, it seizes up the existing scale.

iSpring promises that there will be no change in the chemistry of water after the processing. This descaler works differently than salt water softeners. It is designed for the purpose of removing chlorine, sediment and other impurities from the water in your home or swimming pool, thereby helping to improve its overall taste and quality.


You can trust this device for all your hard water issues. Be it your pipes, or entire water systems, it stops scale building up effectively. It takes the edge off energy consumption, offering one year payback period. By saving energy, it increases the life of your devices.


This product is great for your homes, and surroundings, diet-conscious individuals, and those crazy for more beautiful and healthier skin and hair. This system has been proven to remove chlorine taste, it’s odor, sediment and many other impurities from water in your home or swimming pool.


Its robust design enables it to fight very hard water surfaces (covering 10 -19 grains per gallon). This product is environment-friendly and requires no chemicals, so the results are both safe and effective.

Easy Installation

It’s an easy to install whole house water desalination system that is proven effective in improving the taste and quality of water. It can be installed anywhere in the house specifically with regard to the main water source.

There are no plumbing changes required with iSpring ED2000 Whole House Water Descaler. It is maintenance-free. Efficient enough to be working on any pipe, including PEX and PVC. You also get to have 1 year money-back and a lifetime technical support from the company.


The product, during its procedures, increases solubility in water in small amounts. Then the unsaturated water breaks down existing scale deposits, and removes them off the water system. Interestingly, the treated water lets soap lather up more functionally. It leaves your skin cleaner and smoother , while giving you ease of more manageable hair.

iSpring ED2000 Whole House Water Descaler is an alternative electronic hard water conditioner that is completely salt-free. It requires no chemicals during the cleaning process. It reduces limescale and prevents its built up in multiple places including appliances while in use.

iSpring Works for Me

Since its installation, the device made high quality water accessible for my whole house. I experience more lather during regular washes and shower times. I was clear that the device is working. To my surprise, after one week the faucets and shower heads started losing scale. The faucets in my house do not develop stalactites any more, and the sink drains are free from whilte and crusty film.

My water heater is also working more efficiently as the descaled water broke down the heating element of the water heater. I got freed from the steps of cleaning faucets, shower heads and pipes over and over agin. They only need general cleaning now. I don’t have to scrape away the crust myself. Initially I also noticed large chunks of scale released from the pipes.

After several weeks the most amazing thing to see was the complete removal of scaly toilet crust. It had been very annoying. The toilet looks brand new now and it only needs basic cleaning. iSpring provides good customer support when you have concerns or questions about the product.

Pros & Cons of iSpring Ed2000


  • More cost effective than most other softeners on the market
  • Good for individuals on low sodium diets
  • Natural fel of water
  • Retains beneficial minerals in water
  • No plumbing needed for installation
  • Eco-friendly, no wastage or regeneration of water


  • Does not work on water above 25 grains of hardness
  • A pre-filter is required if your water has iron

Final words

My life has changed with iSpring Ed2000 Whole House Water Descaler – An effective and simple solution. I recommend it because I save ample time from cleaning, and invest it in more productive tasks.

Whether you fill your hot tub, or wash dishes and clothes this companion stands by you, leaving you with satisfactory results each time. This gadget is small but works wonders, without occupying much space. It is the ideal descaler for the whole house.

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