Is UV Treated Water Safe To Drink? A Helpful Guide

 Is-UV-Treated-Water-Safe-To-DrinkClean and purified water is ideally selected and preferred by people who are aware of the dangers of drinking impure and unhealthy water because they know that our body is 70 percent water. It is important to consume pure water because it gets absorbed in our bloodstream, therefore, its hygiene should be our utmost priority.

Along with other purification methods, one of the most popular ones is UV-treated water or UV purification systems. You must wonder how the UV purification system works? This system specifically uses Ultraviolet rays to completely eliminate impurities and microorganisms present in water by destroying their DNA, and their very existence.

A scepticism that comes with the use of every purification system is whether, is it really safe to use at home? This is a pretty relevant question if you ask me. Well lucky for you, not only does it eradicate bacterial growth from water, but it also has no sort of harmful side effects. But there are some factors that you need to keep in mind because there are conditions when you can use or not use the UV purification system.

This article will provide the answer to the main question; is UV-treated water safe to drink? And also mention some factors and drawbacks which come with UV-treated water usage in your home.

Here are some of the things you need to know if you want to know if UV-treated water is safe to drink or not:

How does it work?


As explained in the detailed picture above, the water that comes into your house supply is treated with the help of Ultraviolet rays which eliminates all impurities and contaminants as well as possible disease-causing bacteria from the water, resulting in pure and clean water that is safe to consume. Usually, this purification system takes place where chlorine disinfection is not applicable.

What makes it safe is first, there is no use of chemicals or disinfectants that are harmful in some way, also it does not give water a weird smell or taste and is a cheaper alternative to other purification systems. It eliminates the harm-causing bacteria with a 99.9 percent ability which is highly remarkable considering it also eliminates the covid-19 virus from the water.

Is it safe for drinking?


It is completely safe to drink, and this is why; The UV system does not require to be used in more than one cycle, which means it efficiently removes the contaminants in one go. It also does not incorporate any chemicals in the process of purification which means it does not alter the chemical composition of water nor does it change its taste or smell.

It gets rid of most microorganisms in addition to removing high amounts of chlorine from the water. The best part is that you can use this purification system on its own or you can use it along with any other kind of water purification system you have such as an RO system. It is also good and safe for the environment which just adds up to its many advantages.

When not to use the UV system?

The UV light purification system is not suitable for use on hard water which means the water has to be initially low in mineral content to be treated by the UV light system. If your water supply has a hardness level of five to ten grains per gallon, then you should use a water softener first then use the UV light system as a last step in the purification process.

Also, keep in mind that a UV water purifier does not remove impurities such as dirt, mud, sediment, metals, salts, etc. It is most effective for use on water that is soft, and it efficiently removes the presence of pathogens from it.

Additional information

As I mentioned above, UV-treated water does not include the removal of sedimentation or hard water minerals so you will have to use it on water that has been at least treated beforehand which means it has to be used in combination with a multi-stage filter and a water softener.

It is most effective in getting rid of disease-causing bacteria, other organic materials as well as pathogens or water-borne diseases. It is essential to use as a last step in the entire purification process.

In addition, you still need to have your water tested every month, using a water purifier does not mean the bacteria or impurities will disappear forever. Although the UV system does eliminate the regrowth of harmful organisms, it is still better to test every once in a while, so you can measure the level of contaminants in your water supply.


What do I need to make sure of before getting a UV light purification system for my home?

You need to make sure that you are buying a UV system that is suitable for the entire water supply of your household. You also need to check that it always has a continuous supply of power and make sure your plumbing system and pipelines are updated and new.

Is a pre-filter important in a UV system?

Yes, a pre-filter will help you get rid of impurities such as sedimentation or other contaminants that are not microorganisms.

What is the time duration of water purification in the case of a UV system?

It only takes ten short seconds for the UV system to purify water, eliminating all kinds of water borne bacteria and infection-causing organisms.

Final Thoughts

To answer the main question, yes, UV-treated water is safe to drink, and it also does not have any side effects that would harm you in the long run. It efficiently removes all bacteria and viruses from the water and makes sure there is no chance for bacterial regrowth again. Just make sure you check up on all your water supply systems and pipes before investing in a UV purification system and that you have ticked all the boxes on the to-do list before getting a UV system for your home.