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Is Florida Tap Water Safe To Drink? The Real Truth

Is-Florida-Tap-Water-Safe-To-DrinkWater is one such source of life that is better to consume when it is free of contaminants because impurities and chemicals in drinking water cause a lot of damage to the body in the long run.

Although states in America regularly test the drinking water for any possible contaminants and disinfect the water before reaching the houses, it is still essential to know what kind of water you are getting yourself into – pun intended. 

Drinking water without being filtered or purified is a risk to not only your internal but also external body health. In such cases, if you are wondering if Florida water is safe for drinking, then the answer is yes, it is safe for drinking because the government organisations consider their job to provide contaminant-free water.

Can you still trust the water coming from your tap or any other resource without ever checking or testing it for possible contamination, though? You would not take that circumstance lightly, I assure you, no one in their right mind would take a risk.

Because if you don’t use a water filter or a water softener to purify and soften your drinking water, who knows what might be hiding in there.

Though tap water may be readily available and you would think of it as an easy option, it is still best to know all the details about Florida water and its safety level for drinking purposes especially if you are starting to be more careful about your health as a resident or are just travelling through the state for vacations.

This article will find the answer to the question of whether Florida tap water is safe to drink or if there are things that you should be mindful about.

This video will help you find the steps to ensure that the water you are drinking should be safe:

Is Florida Tap Water Safe To Drink? – The Real Truth

If you want to know whether tap water in Florida is safe for drinking, read as follows;

Florida Water Source

Florida Water Source

Most of the water, around ninety percent comes from the ground which means almost all water in Florida that is reserved for drinking is groundwater. This also means there are high chances that it will consist of a number of impurities hence the source is all-natural.

The contaminants usually contain toxins from industrial waste, septic waste from humans and animals, landfills and other chemical seepages, etc. As we are aware that industrial waste contains a ton of toxins as the materials are produced, and a lot of the waste is dumped nearby the ground which has more chances to infiltrate into natural groundwater resources.

In addition, the disinfectants and pesticides used on the agricultural lands are another threat to the groundwater and slowly and gradually, the toxins give way to the production of other harmful living organisms.

Fluoride Is The Increasing Concern

Fluoride Is The Increasing Concern

Though the government claims to add fluoride to water because it promotes healthy teeth and bones in children as well as reduces old age problems like arthritis in adult humans. But a lot of people realise that fluoride is not safe at all and acts as a slow poison if taken over time.

According to recent data, exposure over a lengthy period of time to higher levels of fluoride can cause severe problems related to deteriorating bone health in adults such as the bones becoming prone to fractures and stiff joints. In addition, fluoride also poses a threat to the natural environment by harming the plants such as retarded growth of plants.

You must think that these contaminants are not at an alarming level of danger to human health but consuming them over time can cause serious damage to both you and the environment.

Is Florida Tap Water Safe?

Yes, rest assured, the water coming from the tap in Florida is completely safe to drink. How can I be so sure? Because the government takes the water risks very seriously and is aware of the dangers of contaminants and their effects on health so they make sure that the impurities are disinfected before reaching any household in the United States.

But let us be honest with ourselves, we would rather have pure, filtered water or even distilled or mineral water rather than relying on tap water even though it is cheaper and easily available.

Is Florida Water Safe To Drink?

In conclusion, yes, Florida water is definitely safe to drink and it is not contaminated as clarified by the EPA, unless there are some other natural or human consequences that contaminate the water in any way. It is always a wiser choice to use water softeners or water filters to avoid the harm caused by elements such as chlorine, fluoride, and lead.


What if Florida water is contaminated?

If in case the water in Florida is contaminated in any way, you will be notified by your local water treatment authorities to boil the water before using it for drinking or cooking.

What if my water is pure but it tastes really bad?

As I mentioned before, you can always use a high-quality water filter to enhance the taste and odour of your water. The contaminants that affect the smell of water are not deemed as dangerous hence the water treatment plants do not focus on removing the smell. If your water smells like other than chlorine, then you should definitely have it tested or use a water filter. You can always do a water test by yourself or through a professional.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article clarified your queries about Florida water and if it is safe for drinking or not. Most of the Florida water comes from underground but it is treated by the government authorities to get rid of all kinds of impurities such as chlorine, lead, and other harmful contaminants before it reaches any household. You can still use water filters for maximized pure water which is odorless, clean, and healthy.