Iron Pro 2 Water Softener Reviews: Buyer’s Guide in 2023

iron pro 2 water softenerRead this Iron Pro 2 Water Softener Review and know what it offers.

Gone are the days when people have to buy an iron filter and water softener . This 2-in-1 filter and softener will make your life easier.

It’ll not only remove iron but will also make hard water soft. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this outstanding 2-in-1 filter and softener.

In-Depth Iron Pro 2 Water Softener Reviews

Read this descriptive analysis of the Iron Pro 2 Review and call your shots.




The total grain capacity of a softener represents the amount of water it can soften during regeneration cycles. A softener with insufficient capacity will renew too frequently, wasting water and salt. A big model won’t soften correctly.

The Iron Pro 2 has a grain capacity of 64,000 grains . Under normal circumstances, that’s enough for four people. It also reduces manganese up to 6 ppm and other particulates.

Electronic Flow Meter for Turbines

Instead of a timer or manual flow meter, the Fleck 5600SXT control system uses a turbine-electronic flow meter, which provides a more accurate estimate of the quantity of water treated by the system, resulting in a more efficient rate of regeneration.

Flow Rate

A water softener has a lower chance of lowering tap pressure than a filter, but its flow rate should be fast enough to create an adequate supply. The Iron Pro 2 has a flow rate of 16 GPM . However, most families only use 10–12 gallons per minute.

Use the bypass valve to bypass the softener for purposes that don’t need soft water, such as watering the garden. The pressure will be as high as allowed, and salt will be conserved.


Traditional water softeners include 8% resin . It softens perfectly, although it is prone to chlorine and iron destruction. The Iron Pro 2 uses a tiny mesh resin that is more efficient.

It increases the system’s price, but it lasts longer . Therefore the expense is balanced.

Memory Backup for 48 Hours

If the system’s power source is accidently disconnected, and if there is a power outage, the digital control will maintain the remaining water volume data, the current date and time, and the operating mode settings for more than 48 hours.

There’s no need to restart it if power is returned within that time frame.

Design and Installation

The Iron Pro 2 is designed to be as simple to install as possible for homeowners, but it does require a few basic plumbing and some technical expertise. It may be more difficult if your plumbing is uneven or if you have limited room.

AFW Filters offers free technical help and includes how-to tutorials on their website. Installation is simple and quick work for a professional.

Customer Review

This is a great purchase! I’m in a well with lots of iron and hard water. Thanks to this system, we now have the softest water we’ve had for a long time. Thanks to the installation video, it was also one of the simplest things I’ve ever set up. Also, the customer service I’ve had has been fantastic. You’ll be able to speak with real individuals familiar with the product and how it works. I will purchase from them in the future.


We bought this to replace an older one that wasn’t working properly. The old one had been inspected by a repairer and was estimated to cost nearly as much as a new one, so we chose to buy new.

One of the boxes was somewhat broken on arrival, but the unit was so well secured inside that there was no problem. My very skilled husband had no trouble installing it. It works perfectly, consumes less salt, and takes up less space than the old one. Because the water is so soft, it requires less soap. I’m very happy!

Jacky Mills
<strong>Jacky Mills</strong>

It does a great job. Until the electricity goes out, that is. This frequently occurs in Florida. I have to get the handbook and reconfigure it every time the power goes off. I’ll have to buy an overpriced APC backup battery for it and then seal it outside my house, so I don’t have to reset it every time the power goes off and on.

Shay Williams
<strong>Shay Williams</strong>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will the resin last?

It depends on water quality, but typically, it lasts for five years.

Can it treat well water?

Yes, it can treat well water and city water efficiently.

Will it remove contaminants?

It can only filter iron, manganese, and sediments from water.


  • It has a 64,000-grain capacity.
  • It is suitable for large families.
  • It uses a Fleck 5600SXT digital head.
  • It lowers manganese up to 6 ppm.


  • It needs a large space to install.
  • Installation is difficult.
  • It is heavy.

Our Verdict

We tried our best to cover all its aspects in this Iron Pro 2 Water Softener Review . We have tested this 2-in-1 softener cum filter, and we loved it. It is a high-performance system that can easily filter iron and make your water soft. If iron or hard water is your only concern then you must buy this filter. We highly recommend this.

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