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Hydroviv Water Filter Reviews – A Compulsory Bathroom Essential?

Hydroviv Water Filter ReviewsToday, we will analyze and read all about the Hydroviv water filter reviews if it’s truly worth your investment, their claim, and innovation; let’s see!

Nowadays, a good quality water filter is hard to find. If you find one ordinary person cannot afford it because clean water is crucial for drinking purposes and essential for external needs like your hair and skin health when taking a shower.

We are all aware that our municipal water is not clean thoroughly and contains many harmful substances, and must reduce to safe limit criteria, but you can’t do it yourself. You need help with it to help you; we will see if a Hydroviv filter will solve all these issues so you can make up your mind about it.

Hydroviv Water Filter Reviews 


  • Pressure: Provides you with 80 lb square inches of water.
  • Weight: Only 1.6 pounds.
  • Dimension: Around 3x 5x 3 inches.

We will estimate everything side by side when it comes to filtering functionality, safety claims, market analysis, and other factors and features to give you an idea if it’s according to your taste and need.

How It’s Filters Works 

This shower filter performs its jobs and provides optimum quality water due to its symbiotic action of catalytic and activated carbon using KDF media to remove contaminants; the two traditional media found inside the filter is:

  • KDF-55
  • KDF-85

KDF-55 Mode Of Action

Found in granular form and is specifically used to remove heavy metals soluble in water and chlorine up to 99% of both odour and smell and chloramines.

Removal of chlorine is safely achieved by electrochemical reduction by solubilizing chlorine gas into ions to prevent from scaling and minimize the growth of bacteria and algae also in hot water; that’s why this filter media is perfect for using in shower filters because we all love hot water shower


Commonly found in granules. Its primary function is to remove iron up to 90% and remove bacteria, fungi, and scaling.

Also, remove hydrogen sulphide because of the presence of copper in this filter media due to ion exchange forming copper sulphide, which is not soluble in water, and wash out by backwashing of media.

Proper backwashing of media is essential to prevent the buildup of sediments.

  • Duo Action Of Activated & Catalytic Carbon 

It also successfully removes (VOCs) Volatile organic compounds up to 97%and other disinfection byproducts.


They are tested and certified by NSF or ANSI standards, so you don’t have to sacrifice your safety.

Filter Shelf Life 

You don’t have to worry about constantly buying and changing the filter every month. Just attach one, and it will last for up to 9 months, making your life hassle-free.


If you put how long it last and gives you the best-filtered water and its price value, it is not a bad bargain and can be directly fit in your shower head.

Easy To Fit 

Because it’s an inline filter, it is effortless to fit even if it’s your first time; it took only five minutes from start to finish. Isn’t it amazing? 

Can Be Included In Any shower 

You don’t have to buy another shower head because of this product. Designed so that they can fit into any showerhead, remove your shower head and attach your Hydroviv filter before it, and put back everything securely to prevent leakage.


Suppose you are a very stylish person and put this into consideration when buying anything related to your house. In that case, you don’t have to compromise your style even when it comes to your bathroom because this deluxe filter does not look bad and is very small in size, only 5.5 inches (length), and fits in any standard line connection.

Constant Water Flow 

During a relaxing shower, this deluxe shower filter doesn’t disrupt the flow of water by any means. Proper pressure is maintained as if without any product attachment, so you have to waste your precious time and enjoy a constant water supply every time during showering.


A fine layer of chrome finish coated outside product material is also easy to clean and prevents any rusting because it constantly comes in contact with water and increases its Hardness

Why It Is Better Than Others 

Their team of scientists is constantly working on water quality, pollutants found in it, and how to remove them due to which they have collected data about every area of water, like how many contaminants are present in which state their amount and other factors so they can make the product which can effectively target all issues giving their customer the best quality filters. 

Pros and Cons



  • A little bit on the expensive side.

Benefits you will get 

Healthy Hair 

Because extra filtered water, it will give new life to your hair because municipal water is free from many harsh pollutants making your hair dull, dry, and coarse which eventually results in hair loss, dry and itchy scalp, and is not suitable for a person suffering from any hair-related problem.

So install one right now, so your hair gets healthier; also the product will work much better with filtered water with more lather, and deep penetration will be achieved during shampooing.

Healthy Skin 

You will see a positive change in your skin condition whether you have any skin because specific substances found in tap water cause redness, itchiness also causes acne or even worsen your skin condition if you have acne-prone or sensitive or dry skin.

It will help you minimize all these adverse skin effects, giving you smooth and healthy skin and free of any toxic substance found in unfiltered water that could penetrate your body, making you sick.

Retain Minerals 

Certain minerals naturally found in water are good for your body. The best thing about this Hydroviv filter is that it does not completely strip everything from the water; its filter passes certain minerals along with filtered water.

Customer Reviews 

Very easy to put everything by myself. Everything comes with it, and quality is also reasonable notice a big difference with water quality and water flow is also the same buying another one after its full usage.
Recently I shifted to a small apartment and area where I live in Florida, and their water supply is not that good because they suffer from hair loss which is quite traumatic for me, so I searched online and bought one. I have noticed a significant difference in my hair now; less breakage occurs, and my skin also feels good after the shower doesn’t feel dry anymore problem solver for me.
Maya Sheikh
Maya Sheikh
Live in an ancient building, and their water pipes are also outdated, so the quality of water is not suitable; for that reason, I have been using this shower filter, making my life easier. I recommend it to you.
Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones
Install one in my daughter’s bathroom because she is suffering from hair issues, so the doctor recommended that we use filtered water for her hair wash, and she is satisfied with it. Her hair issues are slowly getting fixed, and she’s happy.
George Mathew
George Mathew

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

After how much time should I change the Hydroviv Filter?

Its filter life expectancy is between 6-and 9 months. After that, you need to fit a new one.

What kind of thing does a shower filter remove?

It removes substances like chlorine, chloramines, certain algae and bacteria, VOCs and hydrogen sulphide, and other harsh substances providing you with clean and healthy skin and hair.

Is water pressure affected? 

No proper water flow will occur if you usually shower without any filter. Make sure to install it properly; otherwise, flow disruption will happen due to leakage or air.

How is it installed? Can I do it by myself? 

Yes, anyone can install it; first, you have to remove the shower head from the shower arm. Now take the Teflon tape provided in the kit product, wrap it around the shower arm, connect your shower filter with it, and attach your shower head tightly.

Final words

We do our best to include and elaborate on everything in the Hydroviv water filter reviews so you can choose if this filter is good enough for you because water supply quality is not up to specific standards and contains many pollutants.

A good diet is not enough to achieve healthy hair and skin. External factors also matter, and one major factor is that water used for showering should be free of contaminants and harsh chemicals.

This shower filter filters water effectively and has numerous benefits that one shouldn’t overlook. Hyrdoviv water filter is  an excellent investment. We recommend this product.

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