How To Reset Water Filter On A Samsung Refrigerator: 7 Easy Steps

How-To-Reset-Water-Filter-On-A-Samsung-RefrigeratorMany people face difficulties when they reset or replace the filter on their Samsung refrigerators because the filter light still shows itself as red even after the filter has been successfully reinstalled. In all seriousness, technology can be pretty tricky so it is essential to know the basics of your refrigerator system before jumping in on your own.

There are numerous designs and models of the Samsung refrigerators and the buttons and panels may vary accordingly, which is why it is essential to figure out if you press the right buttons in order to reset your water filter on a Samsung refrigerator and not mess things up.

Now there are a number of ways to reset the water filter on your Samsung refrigerator but only the best ones are listed in this guide.

How To Reset Water Filter On A Samsung Refrigerator – An Easy Guide

To reset the water filter on a Samsung refrigerator, you need to keep your eyes on the multifunction button on different Samsung refrigerator models as mentioned below.


As you view the display panel on your Samsung refrigerator, you should see a button that says, ‘Multifunction’. Usually, it is highlighted pretty clearly by a label underneath it that says ‘filter reset’.

It also has a 3-second time mentioned there, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find it though you need to make sure what Samsung refrigerator model you have because the location of the button may vary accordingly.

But if we talk about the majority, all Samsung refrigerators have the ‘Alarm’ button as the main reset function. All you have to do is press it for three seconds and you will see the red light go off, which means the water filter has been reset successfully.

Energy Saver

If we talk about the French door models of the Samsung refrigerator, they have a slightly different multifunction button on the panel. It is called the ‘energy saver’ button. The process for resetting the water filter is the same for this one as well, you just press and hold the button for three seconds till you see the light go back to normal and there you have it.


The side-by-side doors model is another variation that comes with a separate multifunction button on the display. Here, you will find a ‘water button’ on the front of the dispenser panel. Again, for resetting the water filter on this model, you need to press and hold the water button for a total of three seconds until you see the light disappear. This method should work on most of the side-by-side models of the Samsung refrigerators.

Ice Type/Water

Then comes the French models with a three-door design, these usually come with a separate system of producing ice and water in dispensers. Here, the multifunction button is called the ‘ice type’ or ‘water’ button. For resetting the water filter, simply press this multifunction or Ice-type/water button for three seconds and you will see the indicator light turn back to normal.

Crushed Ice

After that, the Flex refrigerators which come with four doors have a different multifunction button. Here, the button on the display panel is known as ‘crushed ice’ which is located on top of the ice and water dispenser. You have to press it on again for three seconds and you will see the reset water filter sign vanish away. This method is efficient for both Flex and French models with four doors.

Ice Maker

Some of the Samsung refrigerators such as the French models also have an internal system to change or reset the water filter system which you can easily find when you open the fridge door.

So the first step is to open your refrigerator and you will see the controls located on the right side and you will find an ‘ice maker’ button, again, hold this button for a total of 3 seconds and the indicator light will switch back to reset. This method is feasible for all the Samsung refrigerator models that have the control panel settings located on the inside.

Here’s a video if you want to see how it’s done.

Fridge/Power cool

This method is a bit more specific and a little unusual than the previously mentioned buttons. This method only applies to those Samsung refrigerator models which have an internal system, now you may say the above mentioned one had the same system. You will be surprised to know the technique is a bit different.

For this one, you have to press two buttons so start by opening the refrigerator door and locate the internal system which should be either at the top or the right hand side. Now look for the two buttons: ‘Fridge’ and ‘power cool’ then proceed to press them both at the same time. Again just hold it for three seconds and you will notice the reset filter light will go off. This method will work for any model that has an interior control system.


What is the function of the filter light on a Samsung refrigerator?

Basically, the function for the filter light is to inform the user about a possible reset or change of the water filter, which is an essential function as this reminder saves you from a lot of trouble.

Does the indicator have other types of light as well?

Yes, the water filter light comes in three colours: red as we know means ‘reset water filter’, there is orange for warning that there would be action needed soon in order to replace the water filter. Finally, the green or blue ones indicate the system is working as it should.

Final Thoughts

So here you are with the seven best possible methods to reset water filters on different Samsung refrigerator models. This guide will help anyone who is having a hard time getting rid of that annoying beeping filter light that just doesn’t go away.

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