[BDO] How To Make Purified Water In Black Desert Online?

Are you addicted to the game?

If you are a video game player then I am sure you have heard the name of BDO (Black Desert Online). This game is one of my favorite and this is so amazing. You guys must try.

But wait! Our topic of content is not about the game BDO, this is all about purifying your water. Isn’t it amazing?

I know you are curious to know about it, therefore I am writing this piece of information to tell you BDO how to make purified water?

BDO is a content-intensive semi-sandbox MMO. You can explore the landscape, craft, hunt, complete a huge number of missions, participate in PvP, and much more as a player.

This guide is aimed at both players who have played the game but are not sure what to do with it and those who are interested in it but have not yet played it.

Purified water is in high demand as it is a reagent used in both alchemy and cooking. However, it’s easy to make your filtered water.

What Is Black Desert Online (BDO)?

BDO is a popular fantasy online role-playing game, with the large multiplayer mode being the most popular (also known as MMORPG).

The game was first released on Microsoft Windows in 2015 and produced by Pearl Abyss, a Korean video game developer. The MMORPG game is now available on Steam, a well-known gaming platform. This well-known game offers a diverse selection of games and adventures.

Creating real-world materials from scratch is also part of the search. Purified water is one of the most important resources. This basic element is used as a catalyst in a variety of parts of the game, from laboratory alchemy to cooking.

It is one of the most sought-after elements in the game due to its numerous applications. Within the game, it’s pretty easy to make your purified water.

Step By Step Procedure to Make Purified Water In Black Desert Online

Here are some easy steps that help you “bdo how to make purified water?”

Purified water has been one of the most important crafting ingredients since the beginning of Black Desert. This one uses in processing, cooking, alchemy, and a variety of guild crafts. While it is almost difficult to get to market due to its high demand and low price, you can make it yourself in a few simple steps.

Let’s have a look at them one by one:

Purchase empty water bottles:

Simply, purchase empty water bottles from material dealers in any reasonably large city in the black desert. The NPC landlord will redirect you to them. All you have to do is click on the “SCYTHE” icon in the upper right corner.

The bottles are very cheap (20 silver), but I wouldn’t buy too many because their weight adds up quickly. You’ll need 1 bottle for each round of water collection, but keep in mind, that each filled bottle usually results in 2.7 purified water from a processing professional. So if you want 600 gallons of filtered water, you’ll need about 250 empty water bottles.

Gather the water from a water source:

To collect water, you must first buy empty bottles. You can purchase bottles from a seller of material marked on the card with the symbol of the scythe. The bottles are inexpensive and cost 20 silver each.

 You’ll need one bottle for every 100 gallons of water you collect, so if you want to collect 100 gallons of water, you’ll need 100 bottles. 

After buying the bottles, you need to go to the nearest water source.

A river, the sea, a pond, or even a small well can be used. Right-click on the bottle after moving your character into the water source. This will start your collection and remember that water collection consumes the same amount of energy as any other collection.

Check the small box next to the collection bar that says “Repeat pull water” so that the collection action is repeating automatically. This causes your character to fill the water bottles until you stop, the bottles are full, or your character runs out of energy.  

The speed of collecting water is also affect by your collection rank, so collecting clothes embroidered with silver, belonging to a guild with a bonus on the collection rank, and/or eating food that increases the collection rate will help speed up the water collection. You need to treat the water as soon as you have enough to work.

Filtering the gathered water:

In the Processing window, on the Filtering tab, select Filtering. After that, you need to select the water that you were able to collect and press “Start”. 

Your character should start water filtration of the collected water after tapping the Start button.

You can get up to 2.5 gallons of pure water from each bottled water you filter. To avoid distilled water, be careful not to overheat the water.  

The processing window is open by pressing the L key. You can select the filter tab in this window. After that, select the water you just collected and press the start button.

Now your character can start filtering the water you create, resulting in up to 2.5 purified water for each water bottle you filter. Be careful not to boil the water, as this will result in distilled water.


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If you have followed the steps carefully, you should now have purified water on your hands. That was all there was when it came to making clean water in BDO. We hope this information is useful when you play Black Desert Online again.

Pamper yourself by drinking clean water that is bacteria and dust-free. So, that you may live a happy and healthy life.

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