How To Install GE Water Filter? An Easy DIY Guide

How To Install GE Water FilterWater filters are very necessary for the removal of impurities from tap water. Many things like bacteria, sediment, and unusual taste and odor can result in low-quality water, but water filtering will help you to get clean drinking water.

GE RPWFE water filters are among the top filters that have the ability to clean 50 plus impurities. This brand is used in Ge French door refrigerators. The best thing about this product is that it is made by using the most advanced filtration Technology by Ge.

So, let’s know how to install Ge water filter and how to replace a GE RPWFE water filter in an easy way.

Why GE water filter is important?

A refrigerator water filter helps you to purify tap water. It works by filtering the incoming water before it reaches the icemaker or dispenser. A carbon block is present inside the filter that helps to remove sediment present in the water.

Along with it, a GE water filter reduces all other impurities like chlorine, lead, and asbestos. Carbon block is very porous, and its surface area can easily capture all the microscopic organisms which are potentially harmful to you.

In addition to this, GE Water filters have another amazing thing. They also improve the smell of the water and ice being dispensed since the general working capability and efficacy of water filters will reduce over time.

So, I recommend replacing a GE water filter after every 6 months. Although each water filter is specific in its own way, the common thing about them is their working time and age, which is 6 months.

When to replace GE water filter?

A few replacement indicators are often present in water filters, and a light indicator is present on the water filter cartilage on the appliances. When it’s time to change the water filter, a red light will start blinking, it’s an indicator to tell you that it’s time to replace the water filter, but a few models do not have the light indicator, so the filter cartridge must be replaced after every 6 months.

But some people believe changing it earlier to 6 months is more suitable. You can see the water flow towards the dispenser or ice maker will reduce, which is an indicator for the replacement of the filter.

LCD models

If you have an LCD model, then a screen will appear on the LCD. It will remind you to replace the water filter. If you do not have an LCD model, then you can check the status of water flow manually.

How to get access

Start by pressing the home button. You will have more options. Select the dispenser option, then press the reset water filter option, and you will know about the status of the water filter.

Non-LCD models

A placement indicator light is present on the water filter cartridge. This light turns orange if it’s time to replace the filter. So be sure to replace the water filter if the light turns red or the water flow decreases.

How to install GE water filter in an easy way

GE appliances refrigeration products are designed under professional supervision and have undergone various tests to provide a genuine Ge water filter. Installing and replacing the GE RPWFE water filter is quite easy.

Unlike other water filters, you don’t need to turn off the water supply before replacing the water filter. Its bold design and high quality make it unique, so here you will learn how to install GE water filter in an easy way.

  • Open Your refrigerator and look in the left-most corner of the refrigerator. Some refrigerators have water filters inside their door, but others have inside the refrigerator.

How to install a GE water filter in an easy way

  • Start by placing a cloth or towel below the filter to avoid unnecessary water spillage.

How to install a GE water filter in an easy way -1

  • Then gently open the filter door, and any unnecessary water will fall on the towel.
  • Swing the old water filter to the right side until the water stops dripping. Be very sure not to twist the cartridge. Otherwise, it will break.

How to install a GE water filter in an easy way -2

  • Then, Grab a new GE RPWFE water filter. You will see the “front” is written on one side, and the “back” is written on the other side.

How to install a GE water filter in an easy way -3

  • Then gently hold the filter and firmly press the water filter in to make sure it is properly instilled. Be very sure not to twist it. Otherwise, its head will break.

How to install a GE water filter in an easy way -4

  • Then, place the filter back in the box and close the filter door.

How to install a GE water filter in an easy way -5

How to install a GE water filter in an easy way -6

Purging the filter

Make sure to purge the filter for the best results.

  • Start by running two gallons of water to clean the system out. It may take 5 to 10 minutes, so be very patient and drain the water properly.
  • Water may sprout out, and air bubbles can be visible during this process. If water is not flowing properly, then you need to check the filter to make sure that it is fully rotated to the right side and is positioned properly.
  • You can use a big jug or pitcher to catch the water spray. Many times, it’s normal for water to have unnatural color during the initial system flush, but it will return to its normal color after a few minutes of dispensing.

Tips to keep in the mind

Although replacing and installing a GE RPWFE water filter is quite easy, there are a few things you need to keep in your mind to learn how to replace a GE RPWFE water filter.

  • Never twist the cartridge because it will result in damaging the water filter and reduce its efficacy.
  • You need to purge any air present in the water system, as it can result in spurting of extremely hot water and may lead to hot water scalding.

Final words 

GE appliances are made under the expert’s supervision. A GE RPWFE water filter is of premium quality and reduces chlorine, lead, pharmaceuticals, and 50 other impurities such as lead that are tasteless, odorless, and invisible. So, it can be hazardous for your health.

This product is completely suitable for GE refrigerators. As we know, drinking water all around the world contains numerous impurities, so using a Ge filter will clean them all.

Its easy filter replacement process requires no tools, and you don’t even need to turn off the water supply to replace the cartridge. Besides being one of the top water filters, it needs to be changed after every 6 months for best filtration results.

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