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How To Defrost Your Samsung Ice Maker? Easy Solutions

How-To-Defrost-Your-Samsung-Ice-MakerHaving an ice maker with your Samsung fridge is the ultimate way to get homemade ice at your own convenience whenever you want it. It allows you to save time, enjoy your parties and make homemade juices a delight. They provide ease of use and a hygienic way to create ice along with a functioning fridge.

Samsung is a well-known brand and specialises in cooling technology, so the Samsung ice maker and refrigerators are quite successful. But sometimes, the ice maker starts having issues and it gets over-frozen or produces excessive ice which blocks the use of the ice maker.

This article will provide answers to all the questions you have regarding the defrosting of Samsung ice makers, so make sure you read till the end to follow the right instructions.

Here are some of the ways you can easily defrost your Samsung ice maker effectively and easily:

Manual Defrost

The first step any person would think of doing is taking matters into their own hands so to start with, you will need to empty up all of your fridges and make sure it is powered off and there are no other electrical appliances on the floor or in the way.

You need to collect some towels or any other warm or thick clothing material to put on the iced content as well as on the floor. Let it cover the ice for a while and then use a hair dryer with warm heat to melt all the ice that is covering the entire ice maker. Make sure you dry up all the water from the floor as well as the fridge so there is no moisture around it when you power it back on.

This will help you defrost the ice but also check why there is such a problem occurring in the first place. Maybe the fridge and ice maker settings are not adjusted properly or so.

Force Defrost


As you can see the directions indicated in the picture above, you need to press two buttons: the energy saver button and the power cool button simultaneously, until you notice the ice maker screen go blank which should take around twelve seconds.

There are four features of the power cool button: when you press it the first time, the fridge goes into a forced freeze mode. The two-time press on the button will initiate the forced freeze process. The last time you click on the button, the entire refrigerator will go into forced defrost. This way, the whole fridge along with the ice maker will defrost and the ice will melt in the process.

If you want more effective results, make sure you follow the right instruction manuals that are relevant to your fridge model because the display panel or settings may vary.

Reset The Machine


When you reset the icemaker, you will automatically see the changes taking place so make sure nothing else works, resetting is the first step. To start with, you need to first detach the ice bucket and find a button named ‘test’ which is usually a squarish button. Its positioning can be different so make sure you check which model you have to find where it is located, when you see it, there will be an arrow guiding you to the button.

After finding the button, select and hold onto it and you will listen to a ring sound. This will initiate the test process, now you can put the icemaker back so that whatever ice there is left is collected in it. After the process is complete, you will hear a ring sound again, which means that the ice maker has been reset and now the ice will start defrosting.

How Long Does It Take?

If you are wondering how long it takes to defrost your ice maker, well it depends on the method you are defrosting your refrigerator unit, on average, it can take about six to ten hours for the entire process depending on the amount of ice covering your ice maker or refrigerator unit.

If you are using the manual defrost method, you will shut the refrigerator off, and leave the fridge door open. If it is in a warmer room or with a room with windows where hot air can enter, it will speed up the defrost process. This process along with using a hair dryer with warm heat will take around six hours.

If you are just keeping the fridge door open and not using anything else to melt the ice maker, then it will take around 24 to 12 hours, again depending on the amount of ice. If you are using the ice maker’s settings, that will just take half an hour to do. Make sure you don’t perform a misstep because we don’t want further problems with a sensitive part of the fridge.


Why does the ice maker produce so much ice in the first place?

Call it a manufacturing fault if you will but this is a known fact that Samsung ice makers are known to have issues with their ice makers. It is not necessarily an interior problem of the unit, but the temperature change can definitely trigger an issue.

Why does the ice maker anti defrost function not work?

It is not that it doesn’t work, because the automatic defrost function is not able to work is the reason why the ice maker defrost function fails.

Final Thoughts

Samsung ice makers are an amazing way to get homemade ice quickly and in a healthy way, but they can also overproduce ice and cause the ice maker to be unusable. Defrosting is the best way, and the above-mentioned easy ways can help guide you and you can select any method that works for your situation. Ice is an essential need especially in the summer when you need to have ice cold cubes by your side either for your healthy concoctions or doing ice therapy for different reasons.