How Long Do Pool Filters Last? Types Of Pool Filters

How Long Do Pool Filters LastIf you are a pool lover and have a pool at your place, this post is quite informative. Most people having pools usually ask how long do pool filters last?

They want to know the lifespan of their pool filters. Swimming requires a lot of clear water. You will need to give proper engrossment to your pools to keep yourself safe.

There are different sorts of filters for the pools in the market. All of them have other functioning. The lifespan of any product depends on its functioning and the consumer’s usage.

Same in the case of pool filters, they need appropriate maintenance for longer life. You will need to clean the filters of pool refiners so they will run much longer.

What are the pool filters and their types?

There are three major types of filters made for pool cleansing. These are

  • cartridge filter
  • Glass filter
  • Sand filter

These all have different natures of functioning and cleansing methods. Their lifespan differs due to their capabilities of functioning. The cartridge filter is the most suitable and economical filter for a small pool.

The other two filters are premium filters made for significant and commercial usage. These are expensive according to their sizes and functioning.

How do we maintain the pool filters?

What are the most appropriate ways to keep your filters running longer? This lifespan question is most frequently asked when they want to buy a pool filter.

People are more concerned about the clear water for pools than the size of pools. Especially talking about the cartridge filter, they need cleansing of its filters every week.

The cartridge filter refines the water by about 2000 gallons per day. This quantity is way too much for a filter daily but necessary. Will all this cleansing make life longer?

Yes, for sure, the cleansing and maintenance of any product will save its life. The most accurate estimation for the cartridge filters is 3-4 years. 

If you clean the filters daily, they will function almost for four or more four years.

The other two filters, sand filters can run for three to seven years , and glass filters can make it 15 years.  These filters all depend on the concentration of water you are putting in the water.

Will hard water ruin the filtration system? 

The hard water contains the most obstinate chemicals in it. The obstinate chemicals are not easily removed from the water.

They would need continuous filtration even more than one time.

Hence same in the case of filtration of the pool. The hard water in the pool will affect the functioning of pool filters. You will also need some softener to remove some hardness from the water.

The weekly cleaning of water filters improves their working and gives much longer life. You will need to clean the filter motors. You will need a lot of tools to clean them.

A simple brush with a good quality cleanser can help clean the dirt and pollutants present in the filter. Do not use anything sharp that will lead to the destruction of the filter.

Another reason for hard water is its source of water. If you are getting water from lakes or springs, it will have complex chemicals and metals.

This chemical composition will affect the quality of your pool water. To minimize the hardness, you will need to use a filtration system. The pool filters are aimed to provide quality water.

How do we identify the damage filters? 

Will the filters of the pool get damaged? Yes, you will need to concentrate on the processing and working of the filters.

If they start showing dysfunctionality in their work, something needs to be checked. Sometimes you will see that the filters are not working.

It does not mean that the whole filtration system needs to be changed, but only replacement of filters is best. However, the cartridge filters need cleansing every week.

If you see any other disturbance infiltration, you need to replace the filters of pool refiners. The ignorance of people can also lead to the destruction of pool filters.

How do we avoid the disturbance in the filtration of the pool?

How can you avoid the filters from getting damaged daily? Some rules and regulations will help you attain the water pool filters for a longer time.

The instruction of cleaning out the dirt and maintaining the chemical composition in the water is a great tool. The chemical balance is another excellent reason for disturbance in the pool’s filtration system.

Many pool water has a lot of chemical in it. Most of them are pretty dangerous that will affect the human body. People don’t want this, so they start using pool filtration.

When pool refiners filter out the most water through, they usually get too many pollutants.

You will need to clean and put away all that dirt from the filter to not affect the smoothness of processing in filters.


What are the three types of pool filters? 

There are almost three types of filters in the market for pool water refiners:

Cartridge filter

sand filter 

glass filter

How to avoid the dysfunction of filters? 

To prevent any mishap infiltration of pool water, you will need to clean and balance the chemical composition in the pool’s water and filters.

Are the pool refiners reliable?

Yes, these pool refiners are pretty reliable for pool water filtration for a more extended period.

How long can you use refiners?

It is not an exact number, but it depends on the usage and functioning of pool filters.

Final words

This post’s solution is that cleaning and maintenance are keys to more extended usage of water pool filtration. You will understand how long do pool filters last?

The most important thing is clearing out all the dirt and pollutants from the filters daily. In this way, you will have fewer chances of disturbance infiltration.

The proper maintenance will make the life longer and work smoother for the filters. The high balance of chemicals can also be in the processing of filtration.

You will need to balance out all the chemicals and salts in the water. You will see a clear picture of the refiners’ long life and good work.

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