Genesis Water Softener Review

A water softener is a machine or tool to make the hard water converted into soft water, by using the ion exchange method. The method is used to remove the minerals from the water, minerals are also absorbed by the system.

There are two reservoirs for most of the best water softeners: a water tank and a brine tank. One of the tanks is packed with beads of resin combined with electrical charges against calcium and magnesium charges. This results in the exchange of hard minerals with soft minerals, sodium as potassium chloride when the water is drawn into the tank. The exchange procedure takes place. The minerals are periodically regenerated in the water softening process.

Genesis Premier 40,000 Grain Water Softener Review

There are numerous water softeners in the market and the wide range offers various alternatives, but the Genesis water softener is the most suitable and user-friendly water softener.

It includes the large tank which can hold up to 240 lbs. of salt brine. The warranty of tank is a lifetime, which is assuring durability and toughness. The 10-year control warranty also promotes the reliability and the company promises that over 1 million products have been sold with zero returns. Furthermore, the system is fully automated and once installed, there is no need to alter or change any system. With the advance technology and easy installation, it also offers convenience and easy to use interface, which gives the user rich brand experience.

The system is a one-time installation as it gives the consumer relief of reinstalling and maintenance. It also has a digital meter which give the consumer No Touch” information display, that is the data of flow rate, volume and regeneration date is being rotated automatically by itself. It also has non-erasable memory which give the option of customer permanent memory, having no worries of data loss. All this while you still save up to 75% on salt use and 64% on water compared to other systems on demand. 


  • Flow Rate: 13 GPM @ 15 psi drop
  • Required Backwash Rate: 2.0 gpm
  • Regeneration Type: Meter Initiated
  • Electrical Power Requirements: 120v/60hz
  • Warranty: Control 10 Years; Tanks Lifetime Years
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 24x18x52


There are numerous advantages for using Genesis water softener, following are listed 

Sustainable practice

The Genesis water softener is environmentally friendly and is sustainable for the environment. It is not any technological practice that is harming the environment, in fact, it has been saving water which is more beneficial to the environment. 

Saving costs and expenses

Assists in reducing the cost of buying soap. Hard water makes successful washing very difficult. It is therefore important to use a lot of soap for the formulation of lather. Maintenance cost is also reduced and energy bills are also decreased by up to an estimated 24.2% over a life cycle of 15 years. 

Less water usage and less soap and detergent use

It reduces the pH of water and water usage will be decreased significantly because soaps form lather quickly with the water. Nothing is more irritating than trying to create a lather that refuses to form. You end up using much more soap than you would if your water weren’t full of hard minerals.

A softening system will help you clean faster and more effectively by removing these minerals. You’ll also save on soap, detergent and other cleaning products–up to 50 percent for washing.

Safe water

Water is now safe to drink and is now secure enough to be consumed by both animals and humans. Chemicals found in hard water can be harmful and is a chemical pollutant.

Stains and scale deposits

No stains found and there are no scale deposits, additionally, Soft water makes your skin and hair look and feel soft, smooth and naturally healthy. No more faded and worn-out clothes.


The following are the disadvantages of the water softener user.

Necessary minerals 

Some minerals like calcium are required necessary for the body to make bones strong. Softening the water means the extraction of the minerals which include calcium and magnesium. The minerals are a minor part and somewhere is requires for the consumption of the body. But it can be consumed from other alternatives too.

Environmental damage

It also causes damage to the environment. If the softened water is released into the environment, it flows into crops, thereby increasing soil acidity, rendering the plants less competitive.

Installation and initial cost

There is a high initial and installation cost for the water softener and the maintenance is also required for the consumption.

Why use a water softener?

So, this is a procedure for softening water and an introduction for what water softener actually is. But what’s the need for a Genesis water softener. The need for a water softener is crucial, as the health and safety for your family is important, the quality of water that a household is consuming is significant and it should be clean from chemical pollutants.

Another problem arises from hard water is that the spots it causes on bathtubs and in kitchen appliances since it has minerals like magnesium and calcium, it causes stains on appliances and things in bathrooms. Hard water, when used regularly, can cause certain negative side effects such as having dry skin and hair, and rough clothes. To avoid hard water exploiting you, you need a water softener and the best water softener is Genesis water softener, which you can easily find in the market. 

Disadvantages of using a hard water

  • In plumbing fixtures and water equipment, it induces scale buildup and residue.
  • It makes hair dry and rough
  • Clothes look dull and worn-out. 
  • Dry dishes have spots and white residue left on them due to dishwashing liquid not properly being washed.
  • Detergents and soaps don’t lather accordingly.

Final Verdict

There are both pros and cons, but the benefits outweigh the costs, as it permits the consumers to have good and healthy soft water for consumption, meeting the long-term needs. The Genesis Premier 40,000 Grain Water Softener,1.25″ Digital Metered is affordable and best in the market as it has great features, the personal experience, and the product benefits, forces me to review the offering. This is a must-buy product as it has great additional features satisfying consumers with the main product.