Express Water RO5DX 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System Review

Looking for an under the counter water purifier that’s backed by a great warranty and offers a great looking faucet to sit on your kitchen sink? Then consider the Express Water RO5DX 5-Stage Water Filtration System for all your clean water needs.

Express Water RO5DX Review

What’s it all about?

Express Water RO5DXThe Express Water 5-stage Water Filtration System fits neatly under your sink to provide you with 99.99% clean water.

This water filtration system reduces contaminants from over 1000+ different categories and uses real reverse osmosis processing to clean water of lead, chlorine, bacteria and more.

You won’t be disappointed when you try the Express Water Filtration System.

What about the filters?

The 5-stage water filtration system by Express cleans water quickly and easily and helps to reduce waste from bottled water over time. The filter system is assembled and ready to go when you get it, and you’ll be enjoying clean and purified drinking water in no time.

The filters provide long-lasting, high-capacity water filtration on a regular basis. What’s great about this water filtration system is that when you buy the kit, you get additional replacement water filters as part of the package. That means that when it is time to change a filter, you don’t have to waste time running to the store or ordering them online, which we find very convenient.

You’ll get pre and post carbon filters, sediment and reverse osmosis filters with this kit.

What’s included in the package?

The Express Water RO5DX Filtration System comes with everything you need to start enjoying clean and fresh water right away.

  • 5-stage reverse osmosis system four gallon tank
  • Drain saddle
  • Leak stopper
  • Feed valve
  • Color tubing for easy installation
  • Housing wrench
  • ASO valve
  • Flow restrictor
  • Extra filters including pre-carbon, carbon, post-carbon, reverse osmosis and sediment
  • Instructions

What are the benefits of the Express Water RO5DX ?

Express Water RO5DX filters have many benefits including reducing the risk of harmful bacteria and viruses that may be found in public water supplies or that have developed in your well water.

Pre-carbon and post-carbon filters provide superior filtering processes, and remineralization process ensures that water retains the healthy components to support the strong bone development and good health overall. The instructors are easy to follow when it comes to setting up this water filtration system, and you can complete the setup in one afternoon.

What Features of the Express Water RO5DX are important?

First, one of the best features of the Express 5-Stage Water Filtration System is that it is a complete filtration system in a box. You don’t even need any tools to put install it – it comes with everything you need. Second, it comes with extra filters which just makes life easier down the road.

It is backed by a good warranty and money-back guarantee, and that always puts consumer’s minds at ease. Afterall, a product is only as good as its money-back guarantee in our minds. That’s how we know you’ll love it.

Pros and Cons

Every water filtration system has its share of ups and downs. We’ve curated the list of pros and cons related to the Express 5-Stage Water Filtration System so you can know what you are getting into when you buy this unit.

  • Delivers up to 0.8 gallons per minute of purified water
  • Comes with additional filters for easy replacement
  • Removes 1000+ contaminants
  • five filters for robust cleaning power
  • Easy to use and install
  • No wrench required to install this system
  • If the water pressure isn’t high enough the filtering system won’t work


When it comes time to upgrade your current water filtration system, or if you are a first-time buyer, consider the Express Water RO5DX  Filtration System for your home. It will pay for itself tenfold within the first year, and the added value of extra filters means you don’t have to think about water filtration again for a very long time.

We recommend this filtering system for families of any size, and especially for households with good water pressure for optimal filtering capabilities. There are some other top quality reverse osmosis filters listed on Watery Filters, have a look on them.

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