Espring Water Filter Reviews – Function & Specifics

Espring Water Filter ReviewsAs water is a fundamental and essential need, it is important to drink or use it in the best way possible. For this purpose, the Water filters not only improve the appearance of your water, but they also protect you from toxins such as oxidation and harmful bacteria as well as lead and improve the taste of water. Indeed, bottled water seems like a quick and inexpensive option, but water filters are more long-lasting and will save you money over the long term.

On the market, there are many various types of water filters, each of which removes different things from your water. Under-sink filters, faucet attachments, whole-house filtration systems, pitcher filters, and other options are available. While there is no one-size-fits-all filter, this review guide can help you pick down the best water filters based on your personal needs.

Water is an essential requirement, and the first thing you should check is that it is safe to drink. Your main priority should always be your and your family’s health, which can only be achieved if the water is pure and gentle enough to drink and use on a regular basis. The water we drink can be contaminated in a variety of ways, which deteriorates your overall health. The water that is not purified contains a number of impurities such as microbial and organic contaminants, which are the 2 most common types of water impurities.

The solution is the espring water filter, which you need to install as soon as possible for ensuring high-quality performance and clean water as a guaranteed, hassle-free result. But there are other better alternatives to the espring water filter, which are mentioned in this review guide.

The Espring water filter provides you with fresh and clean water every time you turn your taps on. Continue reading for detailed Espring Water Filter Reviews.

Espring Water Filter Reviews – 2023

Key Features

  • Patented carbon-block filter
  • UV light lamp
  • High impact plastic

Special features

Clear water: Provides clean, fresh, and pure water for your family with all impurities removed

Aesthetic design: Perfect for a modern home interior water treatment system, the below counter unit is compact and comes with an auxiliary faucet kit to instantly transform your tap water into clean and safe for use.

Health Conscious: The espring water filter ensures the passing through of advantageous minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and fluoride.

Great taste: You will notice a dramatic change every time you drink the water as the taste and odor are improved; the water clarity speaks for itself.

High-quality features: The U.S. patented carbon-block filter, and UV light lamp efficiently eradicates more than 140 possible impurities present in the water; the unit also reminds you when to replace the filter once every year or every 1320 gallons. The unit body is made up of high-impact, long-lasting plastic material.

Constant support: The eSpring Help Desk guides you on the unit registration process along with the warranty details, instruction videos, how to maintain your device, maintenance of the device, and answers other technical queries related to the water purifier.

Warranty: eSpring™ Water filter has a 3-year warranty, while the actual maintenance of the device depends upon the use and quality of the water it comes across.

Customer Reviews

I used to purchase water from the store because the tap water in my house was not enjoyable at all and tasted like chlorine and other chemicals. I switched to the Espring water filter and started to feel healthy when I drank the tap water. I’m not turning back! Highly recommend this product for anyone wanting clear water.
Astrid J
<i>Astrid J</i>
It’s been a month since I got this and installed this myself with no previous technical or plumbing knowledge at all. The taste of water has definitely changed, and it tastes healthier! I love the technology that eliminates the bacteria as well as filters the impurities out.
Ron Daniel
<i>Ron Daniel</i>
I have always had a water filter throughout the years, but none of the water filters were as convenient as the Espring water filter is! The installation is so quick and straightforward, and I love the purity of water that I can see with my eyes. 100% recommend it to everyone.
Merriam Greyson
<i>Merriam Greyson</i>

Best Alternatives to Espring water filter

Aquasana Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter System

Product Summary

Pure drinking water: The Aquasana water purifier provides you with safe and healthy drinking water so you can use it confidently without second-guessing it. The reverse osmosis process and Aquasana’s unique claryum filtration system filter out 95% of fluoride and chlorine and remove 99% of 86 types of water contaminants such as mercury, lead, chemicals, and asbestos, and many other harmful impurities. 

Health included: The Aquasana water filter system remineralizes water to keep the healthy minerals back in the water, which is lost in the reverse osmosis process, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The water pH is also improved, so the water is perfectly alkaline for drinking.

Top performance filter: The Aquasana water filter system consists of the first of its kind reverse osmosis technology and the advanced claryum filtration along with the remineralization feature. This feature ensures that the contaminants are removed five times more than other conventional RO systems. The product is tested prior to your usage to ensure healthy and clean drinking water as compared to other counterparts on the market.

Convenient replacement: The replacement of the filter is easy and conveniently performed. There is no need to disconnect or remove the hoses or water pipes, and the replacements can be installed by twisting off.

High-grade parts: The parts include: initial set of filters, RO tank, faucet, and all parts needed for DIY installation, which are easy if you want to do it yourself, so no plumbing is required.

Installation manual: The installation manual consists of clear and concise instructions which are easy to follow.

Warranty: It comes with an overall 2-year extended warranty while the overall capacity and performance depend on water quality and usage.

Lead-free faucets: The faucets are all metal and are 100% lead-free. They come with a sleek designer faucet in your choice of finish to fit your existing kitchen decor.

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

Product Summary

  • Easy Installation: The Springwell water filtration system is super easy to install within 2-3 hours and provides the best quality filtration system in the entire industry.
  • Improved water quality: The water quality is ultimately enhanced, and the water is purified for your usage for drinking, showering, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and other purposes.
  • Best price: The product comes at the best cost as compared to the other filters on the market.
  • Guaranteed purity: The water filter system comes with a six-month payback guarantee.
  • Quality material: Springwell ensures high-quality material such as stainless steel wraps, catalytic coconut shell carbon that effectively reduces water contaminants.

Pelican Drinking Water Purification System

Product Summary

No more impurities: It promises to get rid of “physical impurities.” The most common example is chlorine, which may give water an unpleasant taste and odour. It also indicates that sedimentation will be reduced drastically.

Removes health risk: It has been approved for the removal of pollutants that have been linked to adverse health consequences. The most common examples are lead and other heavy metals. However, this also implies that these filters will filter out bacteria, viruses, and a variety of contaminants.

Easy installation: The installation process is pretty simple and easy. The water filter comes with clear and easy instructions which are detailed for you to follow. Moreover, all of the installation hardware is included with the filter system, so there are no incomplete or missing parts. All you need is a wrench and a drill.

Cost-efficient: It is quite a great functionality for a filter system at this price. The main appeal of this system is its affordable combination of a specialised faucet and above-average filter life.

No low pressure: The dedicated faucet is a unique feature of the Pelican under-sink water filter, and it is unlikely to reduce your water flow rate or pressure significantly. Water will dispense at a maximum speed of 0.6 gallons per minute from the faucet. On a regular, It can dispense around 75 ounces of water in one minute.


Does the water filter get rid of calcium carbonate?

If you are talking about the espring water filter, then no, it does not remove calcium carbonate from the water.

Does the water pressure decrease after installing the pelican water purifier?

The water pressure may decrease in some cases, but it might be just for a little while.

Are the replacement filters easy to find?

The replacement filters are not only easy to find but also convenient to install.

Final words

Many consumers agree that the espring water filter is the best water filtration system they have ever used. The water filter works perfectly with their household system, especially the below-the-counter models, which makes it easy and concealed for an aesthetic modern kitchen look. The reviewers also mentioned that their personal health improved as soon as they started drinking the purified water

I would personally recommend the Pelican drinking water purification system as it is the best alternative for the Espring water filter unit. It is effective and has a lot of positive reviews and no issues with the performance and reliability or technical support.

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