Doulton Water Filter Reviews: Most Efficient Ceramic Filters

Looking for the great alternative to buying bottled water? Start thinking about installing a water filter system at home. I read many Doulton water filter system reviews, some of them were pretty convincing while others were quite salesy. So, I decided to try some products from this brand and then to provide you my personal experience. I handpicked three products with good ratings. Now after using them for almost five to six months, I’m in a position to give you my personal Doulton water filter reviews.

Get to know Doulton

Doulton Water FilterBefore I mention those three products, I would like to share a quick introduction of Doulton for those who never heard of this brand. Doulton is a company with its root in Great Britain. It has been working in this filed since 1982. Doulton is committed to bring clean water filtration system based on different household requires. Its product includes water filters, filter housings, and water treatment cartridges. Its products target different housing units and pollutants.

3 Market–Leading Doulton Water Filter Reviews

I picked three products from the wide collection of this company. One water filter candle for countertop, second water filters system for under sink and third for trying gravity water filter system. Now I will share the detail of each unit one by one with you.

DOULTON UltraCarb HCPS Countertop Filter System

DOULTON UltraCarb HCPS Countertop Filter SystemIt is one of the best ceramic filters you can grab for filtering your tap water against pathogenic bacteria, waterborne cysts, disinfectants and heavy metals. It is a free-standing system which means installation process is pretty simple. You don’t need special plumbing skills for fitting this candle filter in your home. You can put it on your kitchen sink or dining table from where you can pour fresh and healthy water.

Candle filter used in this Ultracarb system is easy to clean. If you clean them properly from time to time then you can prolong their life from 6 to 9 months. Doulton water filter systems have been tested by an independent laboratory and it is proved that they are 99.99% more effective against pathogenic bacteria, cryptosporidium and giardia cysts, etc.

Heavy metals such as lead are quite harmful to your mental and physical health. These metals become a part of your tap and home water via old pipe system. But you can guard your water against these heavy metals simply through proper filtration offered by Doulton Ultracarb filter candles.

Pros and Cons

  • Most efficient ceramic microfilter
  • The entire system is NSF 42 and 53 Tested and Certified
  • Freestanding system
  • Filtered water tastes better always.
  • Small footprint.
  • Filter heavy ingredients and offer fresh water.
  • You can use filter water for fruit and vegetable wash.
  • Candle filter needs to be changed after 6 months.
  • Slow flow when you use it frequently.
  • Require daily and weekly cleaning, else you have to face clogging issue.
  • The plastic on the top of the model is cheap and tiny, it can be damaged with time.
  • No part replacement is available.
  • Its plug doesn’t fit every kind of kitchen faucet. Read specification before you buy it.


Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Under Sink Filter System

Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Under Sink Filter SystemWhen you want to hide your filter system under the sink, then certainly this model seems like the perfect choice. I picked it after reading several positive Doulton water filter reviews. A good thing about this system is that it comes with complete installation kit, you don’t have to get anything from the market.

This system comprises of a Doulton SuperCarb Ceramic Filter Candle. I read many negative reviews about the plastic housing of other models but you don’t have to worry about this model since it accompanies with durable plastic housing. It simply means that plastic housing won’t break during the filtration process and you don’t need to look for replacement parts.

This system comes with filter ceramic filter candle just like above model. If you want to extend the life of the filter then you can scrub the filter with a brush once in a week or month.

This water filter system is well-designed. It brings fresh and clean water all the time. Unlike other water filters which have chlorine and other containments after filtration, this system won’t leave chlorine smell or taste in the water.

My family members love this water filter. They prefer it on the bottled water. Actually, this filter offers the same quality as the bottled water and sometimes it is even better. So, there is no need to waste your money on buying bottled water which ends quickly.

When you read other Doulton water filter reviews then you might notice one thing that every reviewer praises the ceramic filters. You might wonder why. Actually, ceramic filters are lightweight and easy to install. In addition, these filters are eco-friendly. If you are concern about environment and health then you would surely give a preference to Doulton water filtration system which is super efficient and affordable all the time.

Pros and Cons

  • Fresh water better than bottled water.
  • Remove smell and taste of iron from the water
  • Sturdy faucet
  • Easy to use
  • Quick installation
  • Durable plastic housing
  • Quick Cleaning is possible
  • Need filter replacement twice a year


Doulton W9361122 Stainless Steel Gravity Filter System

Doulton W9361122 Stainless Steel Gravity Filter SystemWhen you need portable water filtration system for the whole family then this model seems like a great idea. My neighbor installed this model in their home. A good thing about this system is that it doesn’t require power as its filtration process is based on gravity. It keeps water hygienically clean. Its usage is so simple, all you have to do is to pour water into the top reservoir.

As far as design is concerned, it is not really complicated. This Doulton water filter system is made of polished stainless steel body that encloses two filter candles. These candles are made of a sterasyl ceramic outer shell and a carbon block core.

This block is specially designed to filter out the heavy harmful metals such as lead. It has upper and lower reservoir. Upper reserves hold more than two gallons of untreated water. The lower reservoir keeps over two gallons treated water.

Its ceramic filter candles have self-sterilizing silver that stops the bacterial growth in the water. Therefore, the filtered water you got from this system tastes better and fresher than tap water to a very great extent.

Pros and Cons

  • You can get a very good quality water for your family.
  • Speed and flow of this water filter system is great
  • No power is required, fully work with gravity.
  • It removes the sulfur smell from the water.
  • Easy installation, you can put together it just by the following instruction.
  • Make drinking water easy in routine.
  • Doesn’t remove 99% chlorine from the water
  • It won’t filter total dissolved solids
  • Some buyers experience system leakage problem
  • Cheap quality plastic is used.


Final Verdict:

After reading these three Doulton water filter reviews, it might become a bit tricky for you to decide which system to prefer.

So, let me wrap it for you. I have used all three, so I suggest you go with under sink UltraCarb water filtration system as it is better than remaining two. But when you need more water for the whole family then gravity filter system is certainly the right choice. The first model is perfect for those who like to get fresh and clean water on their dining table.