Does Vitamin Water Have Electrolytes? Unleashing the Truth

Does-Vitamin-Water-Have-ElectrolytesA lot of people with extreme workout routines, athletes, and people who are health freaks often seem for ways to enhance different nutrients in their diet.

This goes even far to modify water and in this case, vitamin water has emerged as an energy booster for people who want enhanced beverages to maintain their lifestyle.

A lot of people dislike the taste of water or cannot drink water on its own so they tend to add other nutrients to water to make it taste better or to add to its value.

A lot of people consume vitamin water thinking that it would provide them with the loss of calcium, minerals, and sodium, But is it really the case? We explore the properties of vitamin water and whether it has electrolytes essential for a healthy, working body.

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Does Vitamin Water Have Electrolytes?

Let’s first answer the preliminary questions;

What is Vitamin water?

What is Vitamin water

Vitamin water is a form of water that claims to have added nutrients to the water that provide energy and concentration as well as fight dehydration.

They claim to offer a revival and improve your focus with added benefits of supplying electrolytes, which are a must in the summer heat. The bottles are usually covered with flashy and glittery words that highlight the beverage’s contents and appeal to the customers just by having attractive packaging.

As apparent by the name, vitamin water claims to consist of vitamins such as B and C as well as antioxidants in the water that revive your body especially after doing an extraneous workout.

This branding and advertisement attract people who think they are investing in buying vitamins in a liquid form rather than spending on tablets which they often forget to take.

Is Vitamin water healthy as it is advertised?

Is Vitamin water healthy as it is advertised

According to medical experts, the vitamins B & C advertised by the vitamin water companies are actually not the vitamins everyone is deficient in. If the majority of people have a healthy and balanced diet, they don’t require additional supplements incorporated into their daily routine. In addition, vitamins B and C are easily dissolved in the water which means they are not absorbed by the body so there is no use in consuming them in their liquid form.

Vitamin water has a lot of added sugar which does not make it a healthy option, it has almost the same amount of sugar as a carbonated drink which is not a good option to energise yourself with, it will make you more thirsty rather than hydrated.

Does vitamin water have electrolytes?

Does vitamin water have electrolytes

Our main question is: does vitamin water have electrolytes? When your body does excessive exercise or strains itself or you lose your energy by doing any kind of physical activity or through sweating in the scorching summer heat, chances are you need to replenish your body so as to avoid fainting and extreme dehydration.

Basically, your body needs the salts, sugar, and water that are lost through sweating and you have to regain them to reenergize yourself. Vitamin water usually has a high sugar content which makes it impossible to gain energy or hydration and will make you rather lazy and fatigued. Therefore it is important that you drink something that has an adequate amount of sodium in it so that you regain your salts.

Vitamin water and weight gain

Vitamin water and weight gain

As you may have noticed that vitamin water has a lot of sugar content in it so the chances are, the more you drink it, the more sugar is absorbed in your body, making you either bloated or resulting in weight gain. Imagine yourself putting all your efforts to lose weight, working out every day, and pushing yourself to the limit only to drink the sugary vitamin water that ruins all your efforts.

It is better if you consume slices of fruit with sprinkled salt or sugar on them to gain energy in the healthiest way possible rather than investing in products that are not even authentic.

Increased health risks

Increased health risks

Due to the high presence of sugars, there are numerous dangers attached to vitamin water in addition to obesity and weight gain. With 32 grams of sugar, it exceeds the overall daily limit of how much your body is supposed to have.

It results in serious problems such as weak and brittle teeth, toothache, diabetes, heart diseases, increased blood cholesterol, accumulation of fat around the liver and other organs of the body, and oftentimes cancer in some cases.


Are sports-specific drinks or vitamin water brands a good source of electrolytes?

The beverage companies advertise their product as a good source of energy boosters but they also contain a ton of sugar content which gives way to numerous other problems. It is not a suitable option for daily intake.

Is there a natural way to gain electrolytes?

Yes, if you have a balanced and healthy diet that contains whole foods, then you can definitely maintain a good electrolyte balance in your body.

How can I figure out when my body is running low on electrolytes?

When you lose a lot of water from your body in the form of salt, sweat, and urine, you will feel dizzy and light-headed most of the time in addition to feeling nauseous, low on energy, fatigued all the time, loss of energy and focus in any activity, both physical and mental. You may also experience headaches and pain in the muscles that do not go away.

Final Thoughts

While the fitness freaks might continue to invest in vitamin water and consume it without thinking twice, it is essential to also note down your nutritional plans in order to make a balanced decision. If you are lacking electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins in your diet, natural resources are better than buying a sugary drink that will temporarily energize you but will let you down in the long run.