Culligan Wh-Hd200-C Whole House Filter Review

Culligan-Wh-Hd200-C-Whole-House-Filter-ReviewIf you’re looking for a filter system that will solve all your problems. Then, this is the one for you.
In this Culligan Wh-Hd200-C Whole House Filter Review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this Culligan filter. Culligan is a well-known brand for water filters in the market.
It has been making water filters for decades and has a good reputable image . People are satisfied that’s why it has sustained in the market.

Detailed Culligan Wh-Hd200-C Whole House Filter Review

Let’s read this Culligan Wh-Hd200 review in detail.


Brand : Culliga

Power Source: Battery Powered

Matrial: Stainless Steel




Filter System

The one-inch input and outlet connectors on the HD200-C whole home water filtration system are strengthened with stainless steel for additional durability . A bypass shutoff valve and an integrated bracket design are also included in the system.
The battery-operated filter life monitor is one of the more distinctive features of this whole-house well water sediment filter that sets it apart from its competitors. While other whole-house filters lack this feature, the Culligan system alerts you when to replace the filter.

Impurities Removal

The Culligan whole-house sediment water filter tackles and eliminates rust, scale, silt, dirt, sediment, and grains, including coarse and fine sand.
It also eliminates the odors and foul tastes that these pollutants leave behind. Based on the filter cartridge you use, it may help minimize the taste and odor related to chlorine in your water.

It would be best to choose your filter cartridges because the unit does not come with any. As a result, the rate of efficiency and the filtration procedures differ.

Filter Capacity

This sediment water filter system for the entire house requires very little upkeep. It’s as simple as changing the filters as required. The time with which you change the filters is determined by the filter cartridge you select and the number of particles in your well water.

These filters range from 3 months (10,000 gallons) to 6 months (24,400 gallons).

It is compatible with Culligan filter cartridges: R50-BBSA, CW25-BBS, CP5-BBS, CW5-BBS, and RFC-BBSA.


WQA tested and certified the WH-HD200-C housing against NSF/ANSI 372 for low lead compliance, CSA B483.1, and NSF/ANSI 42 for materials protection and structural stability standards alone.


It is easy to install. The box also includes a WR-HD housing wrench, mounting bracket, filter life monitor, and filter monitor battery. You can use these to set up your system.

Customer Review

I purchased this filter in an effort to resolve our well’s silt issue. I noticed several reviews that the inlet threads were horrible, but I decided to give it a shot. The threads were not a problem for me. I just needed a few 1″ adapters and some Teflon tape, and they were ready to go. I turned it counterclockwise for a few seconds until I felt the threads line up, so I’m not sure if the bad reviews were due to cross-threading. In terms of filtering, it performed admirably. It’s not ideal, but I’m not blaming it on the device; rather, I’m putting it on the cartridge I chose.
I chose the 50-micron filter. However, I want to connect two of these devices in series with a 5-micron filter. Because I have sandy water, I believe the first filter will catch the larger particles, while the finer filter will catch the smaller ones. I hope this information is useful.

<b>Michael </b>

Scale and lime spots on devices and sinks have been completely removed. I’m sure it’s also beneficial to the hot water system. This one device filters all of our water, and the filtration element, at three weeks old, appears to have plenty of life left.


In the last month, we’ve put these on two different sites. The water in both Palm Springs, CA, and Phoenix, AZ, is quite hard. We installed the filter in front of the softeners, which were installed at the same time, and we’ve immediately seen a difference. In fact, after one week, the Palm Springs location’s filter had accumulated so much junk that we also chose to add one in Phoenix. Although we have Reverse Osmosis systems installed under our kitchen sinks, it’s frightening to watch what’s being sucked out before it even gets there. I’ve been referring them to my friends because the installation was simple. I’ve shown a few colleagues the current status of the filter after a month, and their response has been positive.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to bypass the filter by turning off the water supply?
Yes, of course. Install a bypass and a shutoff valve in the pipe. The filtration system comes with its own on/off switch.
Will it remove viruses and bacteria?
NO, it will not remove bacteria or viruses.


  • It is WQA certified.
  • It’ll alert you when you need to change the filters.
  • The filter comes in two sizes 10,000 gallons and 24,000 gallons.
  • It’ll remove sediments and dirt.


  • It doesn’t eliminate toxins like pollutants and other toxins.
  • The threads on output and input ports are made up of plastic.
  • If you don’t have basic plumbing knowledge, you cannot install it.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a whole house water filter that eliminates sediments, this is for you. Although it is a good filter and we recommend this, if harmful contaminants are your main issue, you must buy something else as it doesn’t remove toxins.

After thoroughly reading this Culligan Wh-Hd200-C Whole House Filter Review, we hope that you can make your call. Happy shopping!

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