Culligan Water Softener Review – Function & Specifics

Culligan Water Softener ReviewWater is a requirement and an essential need in our everyday lives; we can’t envision a time when we don’t use it or use it for whatever reason. This is why it’s critical to understand what kind of water you’re using and why it’s vital to test water quality. Most people think there’s nothing wrong with drinking and using hard water, yet it has a bunch of negative consequences.

The hard water causes a number of problems related to water contamination, such as limescale formation in the water pipelines and central supply system, around the bathroom floor, faucets, showerheads, and sinks, in the brine tank, which causes rust which happens because of the collection of impurities like of extra minerals like calcium, magnesium, and salts which frequently ends up clogging up the drainage system.

If not treated early and efficiently, the water quality worsens on a daily basis, which means the cleaning of anything becomes a fuss. You end up spending double the number of soaps, shampoos, and detergents to clean clothes, floors, kitchen utensils, along with the dysfunctioning of electrical appliances.

Water is an essential requirement, and the first thing you should check is that it is safe to drink. Your main priority should always be your and your family’s health, which can only be achieved if the water is pure and gentle enough to drink and use on a regular basis. The water we drink can be contaminated in a variety of ways, which not only hurts your health but also puts a strain on your hair and skin.

The solution is a Culligan water softener, which you need to install as soon as possible for ensuring high-quality performance and soft water as a guaranteed, hassle-free result. But there are other better alternatives to the Culligan water softener, which are mentioned in this review guide.

The Culligan water softener guarantees pure soft water, for drinking as well as cleaning purposes. Continue reading of Culligan Water Softener Review.

Culligan Water Softener Review – 2023

Key Features

  • Aquasensor
  • Soft-minder metre
  • Dial-a-softness valve

Culligan High-Efficiency 1-Inch Water Softener – Overview

This water softener is specially designed to maximise your resources and help you save more. The Culligan high-efficiency water softener provides cleaner and purer soft water, also helps to maintain the lifespan of your electric appliances as well as the heating and plumbing systems.

The Culligan water softener is known as ‘the world’s most efficient water softener.’ The softener is manufactured on the basis of Aqua-Sensor® technology which means that it automatically adjusts its settings based on your home’s water system. It also regenerates only when it is needed, this feature allows you to be in charge of your water control and personalised customization.

Additionally, it increases the efficiency of the water heater. It allows you to experience a completely different washing experience where you get cleaner and healthier water for drinking, for cleaning and washing purposes, providing you with cleaner laundry, spotless and sparkly kitchen utensils. Overall, saving you from exerting less energy and saves you more time.

Special features

Cost-effective: The Culligan water softener system is proven to reduce the operating costs to almost 50% with the use of patented technology. The salt usage is improvised, and the wastage of water is avoided as well as the electricity consumption is also reduced dramatically. 

 Efficient Dependability: The valve works on the features of the automatic bypass, which offers the extraordinary ease of skipping the water softener for outdoor water usage and other purposes. As compared to other conventional and non-rotary valves, the Culligan water softener valve comes with a specialised, anti-corrosive valve that ensures dependability and efficient function.

Perfect for outdoor: The Culligan water softener also offers a highly high-impact Quadra Hull® Tank that can be easily used for outdoor purposes; the tank is designed with 4 layers to resist the impact from heat, sun rays, rust, oxidisation, and corrosion.

Innovative Softening Technology: Culligan’s use of a highly efficient technology system calculates the level and quantity in terms of the softness of water so that the water is softened when it is required to.

Adjust softness: The softening technology also adjusts the softness level of water so that it is not too slippery and soapy feeling making the water too light.

Scheduling servicing: The Culligan water softener also indicates to you when the servicing is required and automatically sends updates to your Culligan man. So the maintenance visits are not your problem as you will get automatic service reminders so that you are able to book the maintenance schedule visits at your convenience.

Helpful Indicator: The low salt indicator reminds you when the water softener is running low on salt, so you have a lot of time to refill the tank with salt.

The Culligan High-Efficiency water softener provides the best ways to tackle hard water problems at your home. However, there are some more reliable alternatives present in the market.

Best Alternatives to Culligan Water Softener

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

Product Summary

  • Purification guaranteed: It provides efficient purification of water and ensures the provision of soft water from the home’s main water supply system so that each tap gives you clean and soft water. It completely removes (upto 97%) harmful water contaminants such as mercury, herbicides, lead, chlorine, pesticides, VOCs, silt, sediment, water-soluble metals, and industrial solvents from water.
  • High-performance filter: The Filter system is a high-performance device engineered with the use of carbon and KDF to accelerate the removal of impurities and contaminants from the water, all while leaving the healthy minerals behind.
  • Long-lasting: It is durable and lasts long, providing you with clean water every time you use the water for as less as 0.01 $ per gallon, and that too for a long duration of ten years!
  • Easy maintenance: The maintenance is easy and convenient, and you don’t need to drain or backflush the water softener every time you are done with the water softening. The filters are also easily replaceable which are recommended to be replaced twice a month to ensure the best filtration and flow for a prolonged period.
  • High-quality kit: The installation kit comes with high-grade components, which include the filter tank, a twenty-inch pre-filter, a post-filter, brass fittings for 1 and  3/4 inch pipelines, bend supports and shut off valves.
  • Healthy Skin: The water softener gets rid of chlorine and other harmful chemicals that cause skin drying, irritation, and eczema.
  • Inhale freely: WIth the effective chlorine removal from the water, you can breathe better by being sure that the water steam is healthy.

Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

Product Summary

  • Easy Installation: The Springwell water filtration system is super easy to install in just 2-3 hours and provides the best quality filtration system in the entire industry.
  • Improved water quality: The water quality is ultimately enhanced, and the water is purified for your usage for drinking, showering, cooking, laundry, cleaning, and other purposes.
  • Best price: The product comes at the best cost as compared to the other softeners on the market.
  • Guaranteed purity: The water softener system comes with a six-month payback guarantee.
  • Quality material: Springwell ensures high-quality material such as stainless steel wraps, catalytic coconut shell carbon that effectively reduces water contaminants.

Pentair Pelican PSE1800-P Water Softener

Product Summary

  • Perfect home system: The Pentair pelican water softening system eradicates the impurities such as chlorine, sediments, chloramine limescale and conditions the hard water for daily usage.
  • Scale removal: The softener effectively removes almost 99.6% of the limescale from the water
  • Life-long protection: The pelican water softener system protects your electrical appliances and plumbing apparatus from the damage caused by hard water and extends their lifespan.
  • Increased filtration: The water softener treats the water and filters all the contaminants from the central water supply system. You are guaranteed to get clean and pure water from all the taps in your house, from your kitchen to bathroom, laundry, and cleaning areas.
  • Efficient hardware: The water softener system by Pelican consists of a pre-filter system along with a mounting hardware.


DO these water softeners remove fluoride from the water?

No, these water softener systems do not remove the fluoride present in the water. The carbon media is specifically formulated to remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, harmful chemicals, industrial solvents, and hundreds of other contaminants that may be present in your water.

Do the water softeners reduce the pressure of water?

It goes differently for all the water softener systems. The Culligan water softener is designed for 4-6 bathrooms, while the pelican water softener system is designed for houses with 3-4 bathrooms with a maximum water flow of 15 gallons per minute.

Is it essential to install the water softener next to the main water supply system?

Yes, the water softener is supposed to be installed on the main water supply pipeline. I need to put this water softener system outside the house.

Can these water systems be installed and left outdoors?

Yes, you can install these mentioned water systems outside as long there is no issue with the freezing of water.

Final words

A lot of the consumers noted that the Culligan water softener works perfectly with their household systems and provides them with soft and purified water. The reviewers also mentioned that their personal health improved as soon as they started drinking more soft water as many people are on strict diets. The skin and hair quality also improved drastically as well as the washing capabilities of the electric appliances in addition to increasing their functionality and performance. Additional benefits include energy saving, no more water wastage, and money-saving on buying washing liquids.

I would personally recommend the Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System as it is the best alternative for the Culligan water softener unit. It is effective and has a lot of positive reviews and no issues with performance and reliability.

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