Clearly Filtered Review: Brand You Probably Already Know About

clearly filtersFor a multi-purpose counter filter for your home? Let’s see if a Clearly filtered review meets all of your expectations.

Everyone deserves access to fresh, clean drinking water, so we conducted a detailed market analysis and discovered that all purifiers were nearly similar in terms of efficiency, promises, and pricing; which one would we purchase?

No issue; there seems to be a product available that will satisfy your demand for clean, safe water while still affordable, so we will see if this review can answer your questions.

In-Depth Detail About The Clearly Filtered Review


We will break down everything about this transparent water pitcher so you can decide on your own accord.

Pitcher Design

The pitcher is composed of BPA/BPS-free, medical-grade Tritan® elements and is designed and equipped with sophisticated, revolutionary technology to provide fresh drinking water, free of any dangerous contamination or live organisms. Its unique design fits conveniently inside the refrigerator and offers clean, chilled, and pleasant water all at once.


The handle was designed with careful attention to ensure that you could quickly gain a secure, pleasant grasp and pour.

Water Dam Built-In

While you have filtered water from the bottom pitcher, a water dam within the upper storage stops unfiltered water from flowing out.

Holding Capacity

The slim-design pitcher can carry 80 ounces (10 cups) of water, which is more than an average person should drink in one day to stay hydrated.

Its Filtration Mechanism

  1. It has a small stainless steel screen in its filter that eliminates bigger particles from the water as it passes through it, preventing filter damage.
  2. The chlorine odor and taste eliminate when water goes through a carbon-infused granular filter.
  3. Finally, the residual water slowly travels through each purification composite shell material’s seven stages, removing practically every dangerous chemical and lowering more than 365 harmful pollutants present in tap water by up to 99 percent.

Filter Removed

Fluoride, microplastic (99%), toxic substances such as iron, lead, copper, mercury, haloacetic acids (99%), and perfluorinated compounds.

Also, Herbicides, pesticides, medicines, radioactive elements ,  radioactive elements, and chemical disinfectants such as ammonia, chloride, chlorine, and sulfate.

99.9% of viruses, bacteria, cysts , and macrophages, overall removing 365 other harsh contaminants eliminated by filter.

Filter lifespan

You need to replace the filter after 100 gallons of water easily lasts for four months regularly.


Properly NSF tested for 244, 401, 473, NSF 53 for fluoride removal & 42 for chloride, and many other contaminants.

Customer Reviews

It is the leading water pitcher on the market, especially considering the price because it allows me to enjoy and trust tap water without toxins. It is tastier than the purified water from my refrigerator. Unlike most regular water filters, it filters the water, not merely reducing the chlorine odor and taste but also eliminating fluoride to 99%.

Cyrus Sylvester
<b>Cyrus Sylvester</b>

Now it no longer has a chlorine odor or taste in my municipal water. It also eliminates fluoride. It isn’t easy to find a filter that accomplishes both. The small flapper where I pour purified water becomes dislodged and falls off, yet the filtering system functions more quickly. I am pleased with my buy.


Exceptionally good. Brita is less efficient. The water purified is softer and cleaner than water filtered through a Brita. I’m not going back. I usually don’t post reviews, but I felt compelled to do so in this case.

Ryan Marshalls
<b>Ryan Marshalls</b>

My dietician recommended this filtering system. I couldn’t be more pleased! Now my tap water tastes wonderful after passing through the filter. It was well worth the money!

Ashley. T
Ashley. T

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it worth it?

It is the most effective water filter pitcher available. They are eliminating more than 365 pollutants from the water! Also rigorously tested to ensure that it complies with NSF guidelines. I enjoy how it gets rid of dangerous impurities while leaving minerals like calcium and magnesium alone.

Does this filter affect pH?

You may notice that ZeroWater lowers the pH of your water since it removes the alkaline minerals that act as pH buffers. The pH of the water is not affected by these filters. The majority of individuals prefer alkaline water to acidic water.

How to properly clean it?

Hand-washing the pitcher with hot water and soap is recommended as needed. If you don’t store your pitcher in the fridge, we recommend cleaning this every 4-5 days. It is never necessary to clean the filter. Mold cannot develop inside the filter because of its medical-grade, antibacterial plastic.

Why is removing fluoride from water necessary?

Fluoride prevents decay by demineralizing and remineralizing teeth. Excessive fluoride can cause dental and skeletal fluorosis, which can cause bone and joint damage.


  • Eliminate 365 different pollutants.
  •  High-quality filtered drinking water.
  •  It’s simple to put anywhere.
  •  This product is NSF certified.
  •  Water is easy to pour.


  •  Take time filtering the water.
  •  The top lid is not tightly secure.

Final words

In this Clearly filtered review , we know that it removes 99.9% of different 365 contaminants that might be present in water which is altogether more than three other top brand pitchers in the market.

Hence making your water more clean and drinkable for you and your loved ones, so you are less likely to get sick or nauseous & to back up their claims, they are not only tested but certified.

And finally, due to its classy design, which is safe, easy to work with, and you can utilize in many ways if we see all its benefits, it’s worth buying.

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