Best Sauna Heater – Best Of 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Sauna HeaterIt is essential to repair or build your own home sauna. It’s just as soothing as yoga but even better. The home sauna is a fantastic way to pamper yourself without having to drive to the nearest public sauna. It’s great for your body and mind, especially on cold nights.

Your favourite sauna is the golden grail of tranquillity. But what about all the folks you’ll have to share it with? Wouldn’t it be better if you got your own personal sauna? It’s enticing to consider building a private sauna at home. But, before you get carried away with your sauna fantasies at home, consider the following.

Hardly anything compares to the delight of having a sauna in your own home. Saunas have been increasingly popular in recent years, as many companies have begun to provide their customers with everything they need to set one up at home. There are currently a variety of saunas to select from, including dry and wet saunas, wood and salt-based saunas, and so on.

The Best Sauna Heater of  2023

I have reviewed the best sauna heater, so you can buy a sauna heater and install it in the comfort of your home. It is especially a challenge nowadays if you are buying it online because most often, many products do not have product specifications or reviews or no guarantee or warranty. The products listed here have been tried, tested, and reviewed to ensure you have no problem in the future.

Finlandia/Harvia Sauna Heater

Finlandia/Harvia Sauna Heater

Produced for perfection : A product of Finland, a highly reputable brand, known for perfection, comes with sauna stones.

Heating area : This heater has a capacity of 425 cubic feet (length x width x height).

Stainless interior : These heaters have stainless heating elements and a stainless interior, making them suitable for both wet and dry use.

Ease of use : The controls are incorporated into the heater’s base and include a 1-8 hour preset, allowing you to plan your sauna session ahead of time. Unless otherwise noted, they are installed on the front.

Measurements: This unit’s mounted measurements are 16″ wide x 11″ deep x 24″ high.

User feedback

Almost all the consumers of this product mention that this product is great for overall performance in terms of heating, price, quality as well as delivery of the product. Many people who use it for personal use or bought it as a present for their family are highly satisfied with this sauna heater.

My verdict of the product:

I suggest this sauna heater as it is best quality, high ratings, increased customer satisfaction, no issues with heating or performance and comes for a highly reputable brand in Finland who expertise in the filed of sauna heating.


  • High quality
  • Fast heating
  • Easy to use


  • None so far

Vevor Sauna heater

Vevor Sauna heater

Powerful machine : It is a 9KW power, dry sauna type heater. The working voltage ranges from 220-240V; 3×10 Wire (N Mm2).

Premium components and design : Internal Knobs are used to control the system. This sauna heater is made of aluminium alloy and is powder-coated for corrosion resistance and durability.

Fast heating : The heating coil is constructed of handmade stainless steel, which has a higher thermal conductivity, is quick to heat, and is very efficient. 20kg sauna stones are required for this 9KW sauna heater (which are not included).

Easy temperature and time adjustment: This is an internal-controlled dry sauna heater with knobs on the front that allow you to change the heat temperature and work time. It has two modes: In Period Mode; work begins after the timer is set, with a maximum working time of one hour. In the second mode, Adjust the temperature; The highest temperature is 90°C.

Easy installation and set-up : This heated sauna features mounting holes on the rear for quick and easy installation. It should be installed on the wall at a height of 18cm from the ground. The bundle includes all of the necessary accessories.

A relaxing sauna experience: Suitable for both home and business use, with a 9-13m3 space for a dry sauna and spa. Helps to relax muscles, relieve weariness, enhance sleeping quality, perspire perspiration, and eliminate waste, among other things. Vevor sauna heater is also UL(US) Certified which means that it can be sold in the United States.

User feedback: 

Almost all users agree that it performs flawlessly. It takes around 25 minutes to heat the sauna to its maximum temperature (194°F). They do warn, however, that it will smoke for the first few cycles until the manufacturing oils have burned out. The temperature sensor should not be placed directly over the heater, as the manufacturer recommends because the room will not heat adequately. Before permanently putting the sensor, one user proposes temporarily attaching it in several locations while using a thermometer to ensure that the room temperature matches the data on the control panel.

My verdict of the product:

This is the second-best sauna heater on the list and deserves all the praise as it works great, the wall-mounted design is easy for all the consumers, and guaranteed user satisfaction so I highly recommend it.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Great performance
  • Helpful customer service


  • Issue with the controls

Harvia wood burning sauna heater

Harvia wood burning sauna heater

 Efficient design : The Harvia M3 sauna has a traditional design and is ideal for smaller wood-burning saunas. It adds a touch of classic sauna ambience to a sauna bath, making it a joyful experience.

Efficient functioning : A comfortable bath is ensured by the uniform heat and efficient air circulation. The Harvia M3 has a glass door, which allows the sauna ambiance to be enhanced by the warm light of the fire.

Efficient components : The stove is sleek graphite black in colour and features a stainless steel air-flow spoiler. A pipe model water heater can be added to the M3 stove. An adaptor is included with the stoves that convert metric pipe sizes to normal 6″ pipe sizes. The sauna stones are included with the heater.

Heating capacity : The sauna area should be 64–140 square feet in size, with a maximum of 65 pounds of stones.

Protect your heater : Protective sheaths for woodburning stoves reduce the distance between the stove and the burning material, allowing the stove to fit into a smaller space. The protective sheath is fastened to the stove and moulded around it, giving the entire stove a sleeker appearance.

Note: The 6″ stove piping, protective steel flashing, and a chimney collar must be purchased locally.

User feedback

Almost all the users note that this wood sauna heater by harvia is the best in terms of functions according to their usage. The customers have no complaints at all with the product’s performance and are all praise for the sauna heater’s durable functions. The stylish design and a glass door are a plus.

My verdict of the product:

I recommend this product, if you are specifically looking for a wood burning sauna heater. Its efficient design and effective functioning as a wood burning heater are customer approved.


  • Overall uniform heat circulation
  • Effective design and functions


  • None

Surmountway sauna heater

Surmountway sauna heater

Powerful sauna heater: It works with a power of 9KW, 240V working voltage, 40.9A current and it is an internal controller type.

Heating capacity : Works great in an area of 190cm Height, 9-13mm3 (317.8-459.1 cubic feet)

Sauna Stone : With an 18KG capacity of holding stones. They are not included with the heater.

Temperature Range : Maximum 90°C, The 9KW sauna heater is perfect for home and business usage with an internal control system.

Stainless steel shell : The stainless steel heating pipe offers a swift temperature rise and extended service life with features such as heat resistance, high temperature resistance, and low temperature resistance.

Wall-mount setup : The wall mount design and setup helps save space and looks great in a small area.

Easy installation: Sauna Heater is simple to install and run, has high heat dispersion, and saves space.

Temperature adjustment : The sauna stove can reach the predetermined temperature in 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the sauna room, and the thermostat can ensure that the sauna room maintains an even and comfortable temperature.

Improves health : The sauna can increase blood circulation, improving muscle function  in all parts of the body stronger, attaining the goal of removing weariness, regaining strength, and reviving the spirit.

User feedback

The majority of buyers are really pleased with this sauna heater, describing it as a well-made, stainless-steel product. They also highlight how simple the electrical connections are to make and how rapidly it heats up.

My verdict of the product:

It is overall a great sauna heater which works as it’s supposed to without any mishaps. It is durable, good for health, heats up rapidly and good for your budget and household system. I recommend it.


  • Heats up rapidly
  • Wall-mount design


  • Some customers had issues with heating system

Vevor dry steam bath sauna heater

Durable & powerful : The power of the sauna heater is 9KW; sauna type is dry; The working voltage is 220-240V; Wire: 3×10; Wire: Temperatures range from 104 to 221 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stainless steel body : This sauna heater is made of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and long-lasting.

Dual working modes : It comes with an external controller that allows you to regulate sauna room lights, modify time and temperature, and switch working modes.

Mode A: 8+4 hours of operating time (max. working time: 4 hours), 8 hours of unworking time.

Mode B : Heater turns on instantly after being turned on (no waiting period), with a maximum operating time of 12 hours.

Rapid heating : The heating coil is composed of 316 stainless steel, which heats up quickly and efficiently. Sauna stones weighing 20 kg are required (not included).

Temperature sensor : A temperature sensor with a 3M range is also included.

Overheat Protection: When the temperature hits 150°C, it will automatically turn off.

Quick and easy installation : It should be installed on the wall at a height of 18cm from the ground. The bundle includes all of the necessary accessories.

Relaxing sauna experience : Suitable for usage in a sauna room with a volume of 9-13mm3 and a height of 190cm. Helps to relax muscles, relieve weariness, enhance sleeping quality, perspire perspiration, and eliminate waste, among other things.

User feedback

The customers mention that it takes about 40 minutes for the sauna heater to reach 200 degrees, and many people have said that the heater is ideal for their sauna in terms of area and heating capacity. The heater is fantastic in and of itself; it does the job, and one buyer comments that they can pour water over the stones and have had no issues so far.

My verdict of the product:

Overall, this sauna heater has perfect functions, design, heating capacity and customers are happy with the price as well. Highly recommended by me.


  • Dissolves the limescale
  • Quick dissolving and unclogs the piping system


  • Problems with the external controller

Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider while shopping for the best sauna heater. The size of the sauna, the style of sauna, and the time it takes to heat up are all factors to consider.

Size: The size of the sauna is significant because you must ensure that the heater you select can effectively heat the space. If you have a little sauna, a smaller heater will suffice, and if you have a large sauna, a larger heater will suffice.

Types and Styles : The sauna’s type is also significant. Saunas are divided into two types: infrared and conventional. Traditional saunas utilise steam to heat the sauna, whereas infrared saunas use light. Each type necessitates a distinct heater.

Heating system : You should think about how long your sauna takes to heat up. The proper heater should be able to swiftly heat the sauna to your preferred temperature, so it doesn’t take up too much of your time. Before purchasing an all-electric heater, look for this information.

Installation : Keep in mind that before picking on the best sauna heater for you, you must consider the difficulties of installation. Do you want to do it on your own? If that’s the case, search for one that guarantees a simple installation. However, if you choose to leave the task to a professional, the complication of the setup should not be a factor in your ultimate decision.

Other types : Additional considerations include selecting the correct wood for fire-heated dry-style saunas – typically soapwood or red cedar – and picking between forced air, gravity-fed hot pebbles, or an electric/ceramic heater incorporated into the bench. Also, what types of controls are preferred according to your personal needs.

This list is specially formulated to showcase the best sauna heater for all your at-home sauna needs, so you make a better-informed buying decision and relax away all your worries.


What’s the difference between an infrared sauna heater and an electric sauna heater?

An infrared sauna heating equipment runs on electricity, but it can heat the human body at a much lower temperature than room temperature. An electric sauna heater, on the other hand, will have to warm the air surrounding your body first before heating you up.

Is it safe to use sauna heaters?

The safety of people who use saunas and sauna stoves in their homes is one of the key concerns of sauna designers and sauna stove manufacturers. They are completely safe, but only if you select a high-quality sauna heater from our list of the best sauna heaters. Only buy from respected businesses that give warranties, and read some other sauna heater reviews for the model you’re considering.

What sort of sauna heater is best for me?

The sauna heater you choose will be determined by your budget, the size of your sauna room, the heating capacity, and the extra features you require. If you’re looking for a sauna warmer for your home sauna, an electric sauna heater is the way to go. These are primarily meant for residential usage and are relatively inexpensive to operate.

Final Verdict

Deciding which best sauna heater is specially important as the sauna heater you buy should tick all the boxes matching your personal needs and preferences also keeping in mind the health benefits, heating ability and budget. This effective buying and review guide will help you determine what sauna heater you need to get either for the home system. Overall, the best one that I recommend is the Finlandia sauna heating system, and the second one is the Harvia wood burning sauna heater.

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