Best Inline Water Filter For Ice Maker – Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Best Inline Water Filter For Ice MakerThere’s nothing better than a chilled glass of water on a sunny day, especially if it tastes good and has no harmful compounds or minerals. Ensuring that the ice is clear and cleanse is the best way of getting the most pleasant drink. But what quicker way to accomplish it than with the best inline water filter for ice maker?

A good-quality inline ice maker filter from a reputable brand offers numerous advantages. You use pure water to generate odorless, chemical-free ice, which would be the perfect complement to a tasty drink.

What should you consider while buying the inline water filter for the ice maker? How do you choose the best product for your necessities? There are so many good filters available on the market, choosing from the wide range of choices can be time-consuming and irritating.

It includes the top picks from the category’s best products. We’ve also put together a buying guide to help you figure out what to go for when evaluating multiple inline water filters and address some of the most often asked questions regarding them. Let’s get started.

Best Inline Water Filter For Ice Maker 

We’ve made a list of the six finest inline water ice maker filters. After conducting extensive research and experiments, we’ve reviewed each product, so you get the best product.

Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 Gallon Capacity


  • Brand: Watts Premier
  • Filter Life: 20,000 Gallon
  • Material: Plastic

This inline water filter for your ice maker is undoubtedly everything you need if you’re looking for a low-cost option. Our #1 recommended option is the Watts Inline Water Filter.

The filter is the most adaptable since it may directly connect to your pipe work underneath your sinks, freezers, or ice makers.

Another important factor is its extended filter lifespan and durability. With no specific upkeeps or replacements, the filter can offer you 20,000 gallons of fresh water for six months.

For improved flavor and safer drinking water, the system utilizes Kinetic Degradation Fluxion treatment to remove Chlorine, odor, pollutants, sedimentation, and particles. WQA and NSF standards have approved and recognized the filter, making it even more reliable.


  • The product uses the KDF treatment method to purify water.
  • It meets WQA and NSF Standards.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It doesn’t need any upkeep.


  • The water flow becomes slow after some time.

Our Verdict

Watts Inline filter is our top pick from this guide. We’re hopeful you’ll not regret buying it.

Culligan Ez-Change Inline Icemaker Water Filter


  • Brand: Culligan
  • Filter Life: 12 Months
  • Capacity: 3,000 Gallon
  • Weight: 1.68 Pounds

We will review the Culligan refrigerator water filter, which has one cartridge. Your ice machine and refrigerator will benefit significantly from this water filtration system. From properly filtered water, you may continuously produce pure and clean ice.

The fantastic filter can easily remove toxins like lead and Chlorine that can harm your health. You could also get rid of bad flavor and odor that might be organically absorbed and left in some towns’ tap water by removing these dangerous pollutants.

This Culligan inline water filter is quite compact in its single-cartridge form, yet it has an extraordinarily high capacity. It can filter up to 3,000 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced. The refrigerator ice maker filter’s easy twist-on design lets you easily replace the filter.

Similarly, connecting the device to your refrigerator or ice machine is fast and simple. Setup and storing are simplified thanks to fast fittings and mounting brackets.


  • It can remove harmful toxins.
  • It removes the foul taste and odor that is usually present in tap water.
  • Before it needs to be replaced, it can filter 3,000 gallons of water.
  • Filter replacements are made simple using a twist-on and twist-off system.
  • It’s simple to set up with rapid fittings without expert assistance.


  • The flow rate might decrease with time.

Our Verdict

We recommend you to buy this product as it is worth the money. It can easily remove and filter up to 3,000 gallons. This filter guarantees you to deliver 99.99% toxins-free ice and water.

Pure Water Inline Water Filter Kit


  • Brand: Pure Water
  • Filter Life: 12 Months
  • Weight: 0.57 Kg

One of the best-rated choices on the market is Pure Water Filters. It is reliable and functional equipment to rely on when looking for a fantastic ice maker with longevity and durability.

The use of an ice maker can help to improve the taste of your beverage. It can also help to eliminate the odor that can be a nuisance. Another feature of the filter that we like is that it is NSF-approved.

This model also comes with equipped fittings, making installation easy. So, if you don’t have any prior expertise with DIY projects, you should be able to put this ice maker together without difficulty.

A water line, installation bracket, guidebook, water line adaptor, and a shutdown valve are all included with this product. You won’t need to get any more hardware to install it. It offers a free lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, this machine has a capacity of up to 1500 gallons.


  • It is NSF certified.
  • It can remove odor and harmful toxins.
  • The installation process is very easy.
  • It can work well with ice makers.


  • It might leak.
  • You’ll have to flush 4 liters before using it.
  • It is not the most durable.

Our Verdict

We highly recommend you buy this heavy-duty ice maker filter. The best aspect is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, and it is also NSF-approved.

Whirlpool F2wc9i1 Ice2


  •  Brand: Whirlpool
  •  Filter Life: 2,000 Gallon

If you’re looking for a reliable ice maker water filter, The Whirlpool F2WC9I1 ICE2 is the best option. For starters, it’s made by Whirlpool, a well-known global company dedicated to providing positive customer service.

The Whirlpool F2WC9I1 ICE2 also has a simple installation process; even if you’ve never used an ice maker filter before, you’ll enjoy how simple it is to put this up. It can remove pollutants and minimizes the taste of Chlorine in water. The inline filter also helps to prevent scaling buildup.

It’s one of the wonderful qualities you shouldn’t overlook. Furthermore, we’d like to point out that this product is also efficient in decreasing odor in the water. This item will last up to 2000 gallons and can be updated after six months. Unfortunately, this ice maker water filtration system may not suit all ice makers, so double-check the features before purchasing.


  • It has an easy installation process.
  • It can decrease odor and chlorine taste.
  • Ideal for ice machines that produce 50 pounds of ice.
  • Materials and components are made of high quality.


Our Verdict 

Whirlpool products are known for their efficiency and durability, and this one is no less. Whirlpool F2WC9I1 ICE2 is highly recommended by us but make sure it fits with your ice maker.

Woder Wd-10k-Jg Ultra-High Capacity Inline Water Filter


  • Brand: Wonder
  • Filter Life: 10,000 Gallons
  • Material: Plastic

The Woder WD-10K is large but not so large that it will take up too much space. The product is in the form of a tubular pipe with a connector hose on every side. Woder WD-10K is WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 certified.

The system includes a filtration body, 3/8 female compressor x 1/4 pipe threaded inlet hose, 3/8m compressed x 1/4 pipe exit hose, clips, and screw. It is simple and easy to set up as well.

The system removes all terrible odors and tastes and works so well that it eliminates 99 percent of harmful components. Once you get this product, you’ll be sure about getting clean and safe water. This amazing product has a capacity of 10,000 Gallon.


  • It is WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 certified.
  • It can remove odor and bad taste.
  • It has a large capacity.
  • It can eliminate harmful toxins quickly.
  • It is easy to install.


  • It is a bit large in size.

Our Verdict

The Woder WD-10K is a pretty good product. Other than its large size, it is good for the value of money. Many customers like this product. We’ve personally tested it as well. We recommend you buy it.

Inline Water Filter, Membrane Solutions 10″ X 2


  • Brand: Membrane Solutions
  • Filter Life: 12 Months
  • Material: Shell Carbon

The filter system comprises different layers that give a complete filtration process for both ice and water. This filter is designed with a coconut husk carbon filter with a high rejection rate for harmful organic compounds like Chlorine. This also enhances the general chlorine flavor and odor of your ice. It has reverse osmosis system.

Every filter cartridge is also made of two polypropylene microfiber layers. These microfibers filter out dust and debris. They also wrap the carbon filters, preventing carbon from leaking into your ice.

This ice maker water filter is simple to install, and due to its rapid fittings, which fit in secs, you could do so straight into the waterline. The nice thing is that you may use this inline water filter in various machines apart from your ice maker. You may also use it to attach to your refrigerator, sink faucets, fountains, or even ships.

One drawback of this inline water filter is that you must first filter approximately eight to ten liters of water before it starts passing clear water.


  • It can filter all harmful components and small debris.
  • It is reasonable.
  • You can install it on your water lines directly.
  • You can use it with other machines as well.


  • You’ll have to filter at least eight to ten liters before clear water can pass through it.

Our Verdict

This Membrane Solutions Inline Water Filter has a good quality cartridge to filter even small debris. It is a good inline filter. It can be used with other appliances also. We recommend you buy it.

Buying Guide

You must consider these features while buying the inline water filter for the ice maker.

Upkeep And Installation

While buying the inline water filter, always make sure to buy a product that requires minimum upkeep, and the installation process is easy that you could do it yourself.


There are so many unique inline filters available that are pretty reasonable. Invest your money wisely as you’ll be buying something that lasts, so don’t go for cheap ones.

Filter Life

You must consider the filter life while buying inline water filters. You don’t have to worry about changing your filter now and then. Usually, the filter life is around three to six months.

Filter Capacity 

The flow rate and water pressure determine the filter’s capacity. It is preferable if the water filter’s pressure is a minimum of 25 and the flow rate is a minimum of 0.5GPM.

The inline water filter should have a filtration capacity of approximately 1500 gallons.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do we filter water in an ice maker?

By installing a high-quality water filtration system, you can filter water before it freezes and becomes ice. This permits the water to pass through many stages of strict filtering, removing all sediments, smells, and contaminants before starting to make ice.

How often do you need to change your water filters?

The gallon capacity and product quality determine when the filter needs to be replaced. Gallon capacity may vary for every product, so you must check properly as it’ll also tell you when you should replace your filter.

What does an inline filtration system remove?

A basic inline filter removes Chlorine, debris, foul taste, and odor, so you get clean and fresh water.

How do you tell when it’s time to change your filter?

The standard of your tap water determines the length of time between filter replacements. Your filter should last at least six months if you’re using city water. Whereas, Well water may cause your filter to work harder than usual. Its lifespan may be shortened as a result of this.

Final words

After entirely reading this guide, we’re confident that you now know which inline water filter for the ice maker is suitable for you. All of the five best inline water filters for ice makers are included in this guide. You can go for anyone.

But we’ve selected a winner also that we think is the #1 inline water filter. We think the Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 Gallon Capacity is the best product in this guide and the market. It meets WQA and NSF Standards. This inline filter doesn’t need any upkeep, and it is easy to install as well. If you don’t believe us try it yourself, you’ll thank us later.

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