Berkey Shower Filter Review: Expert’s Choice in 2023

berkey-filters-reviewToday we will briefly analyze to see if the Berkey shower filter review makes your hair and skin healthy enough or not and is safe to buy for your loved one.

Separate shower filters available in the market claim and ensure many health and safety issues. It also has a wide range of prices and its do and don’t.

A quality product with the best functionality, long life span, and design is harder to look at in a single product. Through this shower filter review, we will see if it tackles all these problems effectively so that each time, you have the best and safe shower experience.

Detailed Berkey Shower Filter Review

Let’s dig and examine everything briefly to make up your mind whether this showerhead is according to your preference and budget.

Proprietary Filter Media

The shower filter is composed of high-quality patent combination material of calcium, copper, and zinc blended in perfect ratio; safe and non-toxic to use and free from any adverse side effects during showering. It clears and removes chlorine, Sediment and odor, Bacteria, Algae and fungi.

Its copper-zinc filter granules used inside its shower filtration system also prevent hydrogen sulfide and scale buildup.

Control Microorganism Growth

Bacteria functionality alters and stops, eventually killing it when an electrochemical reaction occurs, resulting in the sudden formation of hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals, causing cellular damage inside the microorganism.

Chlorine Reduction

Unbound chlorine present in tap water is reduced by 99% by converting dispersed chlorine gas into water-soluble chloride ions by electrochemical reaction.

Lead Reduction

Soluble lead cations change into insoluble lead atoms, which are electroplated on the filter’s exterior when pressured shower water passes via its patented filter media.

Filter Replacement

A single filter will easily last for the whole year because it has around 20000 gallons of unfiltered water capacity and is used for only a potable water system.

Prevent Clogging

Its backflushing attachment reduces the chances of premature clogging; hence, the water flow will be smooth and consistent.

Easy To Fit

It can be installed easily anywhere, either in your shower arm or bathtub faucet, as per your need it takes only a few minutes to design in a way that anyone can do it.


A little bit on the higher end, but if we see its life span, which is relatively longer than other cheap filters so, on the long-run basis, it is a budget-friendly product

Healthy Hair And Skin

Other contaminants, especially chlorine, are the root cause of dry, dull, damaged, itchy, sensitive skin and hair because chlorine bonds and attacks protein from which hair and skin are composed, this shower filter eliminates all these issues.

Other Features

  • Weight: 1.46 lb
  • Color: white
  • Max pressure: 100 psi
  • Max temp: 43 Celcius

Customer Reviews

Using this shower filter has had a significant impact on my life. If you face the same problem with hard water from The tap in L.A. or anywhere else, this filter is a lifesaver when it comes to purifying out not only chlorine, but it is also harsh tap water.


It’s effective. I was concerned that this would not fit in the shower, but It fits perfectly in my showerhead. When I shower, I no longer smell chlorine, and even the soap bubbling form much more quickly, totally worth my money.


I know it works!!! I used to feel a chlorine odor whenever I took a bath, and as some of you may be aware, chlorine vapors are bad for health and can wear out your skin! I can’t detect any of that in the shower now that I’ve installed this, making my natural hair and skin seem softer.

Amanda Berry
<b>Amanda Berry</b>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is shower filter cleaning needed?

It is vital to cleanse their unit continuously due to the impacts of water deposits and toxins. So proper backwashing is needed, or it might affect shower filtration speed.

Does this filter tackle hair related problems?

Adding filters inside your bathroom showerheads will minimize all of this damage. Faucets and a filtration system, contrary to conventional showers, can remove hard water contaminants and reduce dryness, itchy, sensitivity, and hair falling & thinning. So you can minimize hair loss issues without going over budget.

How to backwash its filter?

Inside the package, there are detailed instructions. Using a connecting part given, start removing the filter and flip it around. The mineral deposits are removed from the filter by running hot water for about four minutes and then putting everything back together. This process helps keep the filter clean from the inside, improving its efficiency and longevity.

When is filter replacement needed?

Single cartilage will last easily once a year if two people take a bath daily, and soon positive change is seen in your skin and hair.


  • Eliminate chlorine up to 99% chlorine.
  • Filter lifespan is for a whole year.
  • Easy to fit in any standard showerhead.
  • Prevent scaling, clogging and microbes contamination.


  • Not suitable for polyphosphates and chloramine prevention.
  • High-end product but long-lasting.

Final words

After comparing and analyzing everything in this Berkey shower filter review , it is safe to say that it changes your hair and skin health drastically compared to when showering without any filter.

This shower filter’s lifespan is quite long, removing harsh contaminants and almost all free chlorine from water, so it is worth investing your money and trust in it.

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