Aquasure Water Softener Reviews – Is it Worth Buying?

AquaSure Water Softener ReviewsWater is a necessity and an essential need of our daily life; we cannot imagine any part of our life where we don’t use or need water for our own purpose. This is why it’s crucial to have knowledge about what kind of water is being used by you and why it is important to check water quality. Most people use and drink hard water and think there is nothing wrong with that, but it has numerous harmful side effects.

Not only for house usage, but it is also equally an issue when the hard water is used in industrial areas. A lot of incidents such as the breakdowns in boilers and cooling towers in the industries happen because of the use of hard water. Moreover, the hard water presents a lot of issues such as limescale formation in the water pipelines and central supply system, around the bathroom floor, faucets, showerheads, and sinks, in the brine tank, which causes rust. It is due to the accumulation of extra minerals like calcium, magnesium, and salts which frequently end up clogging up the drainage system.

Also, the water quality worsens, and it requires more than double soaps, shampoos, and detergents to clean clothes, floors, kitchen utensils, not to mention the dysfunctioning of electrical appliances. Water is a basic need and is the first thing you should ensure is healthy for usage. Your first priority is always putting your and your family’s health at the top, which can only be possible if the water is pure and soft for drinking as well as daily use.

The water we use can be polluted in a number of ways and not only harms your health but also ruins your hair and skin condition. The solution is Aquasure water softener, which you need to install as soon as possible for ensuring high-quality performance and soft water as a guaranteed, hassle-free result.

The Aquasure water softener guarantees soft water, perfect for your house as well as industrial usage.

Continue reading for detailed Aquasure Water Softener Reviews.

Aquasure Water Softener Reviews – 2023

Key Features

  • Aquatrol electronic, fully customizable control head
  • 2 CF Prefilled Premium Grade Resin
  • One button regeneration
  • Brine Tank accompanied with Overflow Regulator


The Aquasure Harmony Series model is the perfect water softener if you want a product for your whole family system. It is manufactured to provide specific functioning for softening the water, eliminating limescale-related problems, and purifying the water for the entire house usage.

The treating capacity of this water softener is about 64,000 Grains of hardness, and works great with the bathroom capacity of four to six and around 7 members of the family. It comes with a pre-build digital control console system that provides advanced and precise backwashing needed when you want it and saves you from wasting any more water.

Special features

Soft water: The Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener completely eliminates all sorts of hardness in the water, eradicating the limescale formation and reducing spot build-up for the usage in the entire house. No more spots or lime around the faucets and tap outlets.

Healthy skin: The water softener efficiently softens the water, which is gentle and light on the skin. It removes harmful skin damaging minerals like magnesium and iron, which are the main reason behind bad skin issues such as skin irritation and eczema.

Exceptional performance: The Aquasure Water Softener provides 3 different types of water regeneration controls; time clock delayed control, immediate meter control, and meter delayed control. This feature allows you to fully control the water softener system and personalize its usage according to your needs.

Trouble-free work: The water appliances work smoothly without causing you any troubles related to hard water usage and make the water quality more efficient, so you spend less on buying soaps, detergents, and shampoos, saving more energy, money, and water.

Increased Dependability: The Aquasure Harmony Series Water Softener comes with high-quality grade resin, a one-inch bypass valve that is durable, and a polyethylene tank lined with powerful and anti-corrosive fiberglass.

Improved efficiency: Compared to a conventional timer head, Aquasure Water Softener consists of an efficient and high technology digital timing head which calculates how much water is treated and the need for backwashing. This feature allows for more water-saving and reduces the refilling of salt.

Hassle-free warranty: It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty

Testing and review

I had been facing challenging water issues as soon as I moved to a new place, and I tried to look for a great water softener that is easy, convenient, affordable, and actually does its job. After reading great reviews about the Aquasure harmony whole house water softener, I decided to give it a go. First of all, it is very easy to find the replacement parts, the first fear of any customer is what if things go wrong, well don’t worry, as the aquasure water softener replacement parts are easy to find. The interface on the digital timing control head is informative and easy to operate.

There are a few options on the control unit that you have to manage, noticeably; setting the time of day, time for recharging, backwashing duration, brine draw (recharge and slow rinse) duration, quick rinse duration, brine filling duration, units (gallons & liters), water capacity (Which is decided by you priorly, depending on the hardness level of the water and your usage requirement), recharge scheme type (immediate or delayed). I also noticed a drastic change in the way I managed the salt usage in this system, and it is much more improved.

The pricing is just right, and you can also get guidance on the product by calling the company for more details as I had some technical queries of my own. The product comes in excellent and strong packaging, making sure no part is dismembered. The Aquasure water softener came with an easy-to-follow and well-printed manual guide, with very detailed instructions, and the self-installation process is illustrated to make the programming easier to understand. The instruction manual provides guides for both the control valve system as well as the whole water softener system. The installation process was super simple and easy, and I saw results just after 24 hours and noticed that the water hardness dropped from 50 to 1.

I also have to mention that the time between each cycle is rapid, and the interface menus allow for personalized customizing. The gallon countdown is excellent, which shows you how much water is being used, which helps save water. Also, I noticed that I saved about 30lbs of salt a month.

Helpful tip: For the programming feature, there are a total of 8 settings the system operates on. Three of them are for the particular water quality and your personal usage needs which are changeable, while the other five should be left at their default settings.

Product Summary

  • Efficiently eradicates hard water and converts it into soft water
  • Removes limescale from the main pipeline system
  • Value for money, as it is cost-efficient, worth every penny as mentioned by the users
  • 5-Year warranty, which means you can relax and use the product for five long years, and if you have any issues with it, you can return it without any problems.
  • 24-hour technical support is available to guide you in detail about any queries you have about the product


If I choose a more extensive system, would it be okay?

The water softener systems are specifically designed for households of a certain number, such as the Aquasure water softener system is designed for a 7 member household. I would not suggest you oversize the system.

Does it come with a 1″ bypass connection?

Most customers demanded the system come in that bypass connection. Hence, the water softener system already comes with a 1-inch bypass connection, but if you want a different connection system, you can still request it from the company.

Are there any extra shipping costs?

The company provides free shipping for its water softener systems.

Can I use this water softener system on well water?

Yes, the Aquasure water system is suitable for use at any water source.

What is better to use with this water softener; salt pellets or crystals?

You can use any type of salt with the Aquasure water softener system as long as it is safe for usage in a water softener system. However, I will recommend using the pellets, as it dissolves much more evenly.

I need to put this water softener system outside the house. Does it come with a protective cover for outdoor usage?

The softener system does not come with a headcover. It would be best if you sheltered the electric head yourself. Such damage is also not covered by the warranty.

If I already have a brim filter, can I combinely use it with this water softener?

Yes, you can use any kind of third-party pre-filter with the aquasure water softener system.

How do I measure my salt usage?

You have to physically open the container and check the salt level every week.

How much is the estimated use of salt there? 

You will initially need three 50lb bags, and then you can add more depending on your usage and requirements.

I want to get rid of the limestone in the well water. Will this unit work? 

No, this water softener unit does not remove limestone; it removes limescale from the hard water, which includes excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium.

Can I install the system myself, or do I need professional help?

Although the system is super easy to install, it depends on the level of your expertise in the field. If you have prior knowledge, you can proceed. If not, then you can hire professional help such as plumbers to do the job because the system has to be installed on top of the main water supply line as well as a connection to the drainage system.

How much salt can the water softener unit hold?

It holds about 80 pounds of salt or two 40 pound bags each.

Final words

Most reviewers mentioned that the Aquasure water softener works perfectly with their household systems and provides them with clean, clear, purified, and soft water. The reviewers also mentioned that their personal health improved as soon as they started drinking more soft water through this water softener unit. The skin and hair quality also improved drastically as well as the washing capabilities of the electric appliances. Additional benefits include energy saving, no more water wastage and money saving on buying extra amounts of washing liquids.

If you don’t want to waste your time, money, and energy on other water softeners that come with complex installation manuals and systems that have no guarantee or warranty, then this Aquasure water system is the perfect choice for your everyday household usage.

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