Aquasana Rhino Reviews – Do Not Buy Without Reading This!

Aquasana Rhino ReviewsIf your water supply in your area is not clean enough, let’s examine the Aquasana Rhino reviews to see if it single-handedly filtrates the entire house water or not?

Water filters that can clean, soften hard water, contamination, chlorinated, and other pollutants in one go are hard to find entirely for your house. Can be used for both can use them for drinking and other non-drinking purposes.

But have you heard about the Aquasana water filter? It will banish all these problems. Does it work perfectly with well, high chlorinated, contaminated, or hard water?

Detailed Aquasana Rhino Reviews


  • Max. Flow rate: 7 Gallons Per Minute
  • Capacity: 1000000 Gallons
  • Components: Pro Install Kit, Filter Tank
  • Purification Method: Sedimentation
  • Dimensions : 9 x 46 x 44 inches

We’ve added all the features that this amazing filter offers. Keep reading to find out!

Systematic Filtration Mechanism 

Due to its intelligent and advanced filtration mechanism, it removes almost everything. Let’s learn more about it.

  • Remove Water Residue (pre-filter) 

When water passes through them, firstly, its filter (5 microns) absorbs all dirt, iron & rust particles, and other silt from removing small and large particles to prevent clogging and protecting the main carbon tank after that water passes another stage.

  • Activated Carbon, Zn-Cu & Mineral Stone Filter 

Purify chlorine odor and taste and heavy metals such as Cu, Hg, or Pb, other harmful chemicals, industrial and pharma residue, pesticides, etc

It also maintains the pH of water, making it slightly essential, which is better also eliminates chlorine at around 97% 

  • Chlorine Filter 

It further removes remaining carbon along with other contaminations.

  • Minute Particle Filtration 

Remove any fine particle around 0.35 micron for more functionality.

Different Models to Choose From 

According to your water usage and type of water, you can choose from various rhino systems.

  • Aquasana Rhino EQ-Well-UV: purify 500 000 gallons of water (municipal water)
  • EQ-600: purify 60,000 gallons (municipal water)
  • EQ-1000: purify 1,000,000 gallons (well water)
Aquasana Rhino Variants Comparison
Editor's Choice‎EQ-1000-AST-UV-AMZN

  • Capacity: 1,000,000 Gallons

  • 10-Year Filter System + Conditioner + UV

  • Purification Method: Ultraviolet


  • Capacity: 500,000 Gallons

  • 5-Year Well Filter System + Conditioner + UV

  • Purification Method: Ultraviolet


  • Capacity: 1,000,000 Gallons

  • 10-Year Filter System + Conditioner

  • Purification Method: Sedimentation


  • Capacity: 1,000,000 Gallons

  • 10-Year Filter System

  • Purification Method: Sedimentation


  • Capacity: 600,000 Gallons

  • 6-Year Filter System

  • Purification Method: Sedimentation


Warranty And  Certification 

Each model has a different lifespan; for Aquasana Rhino, EQ-Well-UV is five years, for EQ-600 (6 years), and last but not least, for EQ-1000 (10 years).

The test run by NSF international as well as 42 standards set by ANSI for the removal of the smell and taste of chlorine from water.


If you see all its health benefits, its add-on, and water quality criteria price-wise, It’s a good purchase and cheap also for the long run.

System Maintenance 

System upkeep is quite simple and easy. If there is no leakage problem every two months, change pre and post-filters to consistently get healthy and clean water.

Other Features 

7-gallon water flow rate per minute.

The maximum system operating pressure is 100 psi.

Pre-filter life is only three months, and post-filters are extended annually.

Value-Added Features

Some upgrades have been made to this Aquasana Rhino filter.

UV Filter 

UV filter to destroy deadly microbes using UV light but remember to replace it annually

Prevent scaling 

Suppose your hard tap water is below 15 gpg. In that case, you can add this salt-free water conditioner to your system for descaling or dubbed simply soft for less scale buildup in water lines, inside product around your kitchen sink or shower area making your water system more efficient.

Pro-Grade Install Kit 

It includes tools for easy installation and maintenance of products like brass fitting, shut-off, and bypass valves and comes with an extra filter (0.35 micron) to boost your system efficiency.


Drinking-Water: You will get ultra-clean & great tasting water throughout your house without any chemical addition

Healthy Surrounding: No dangerous chemicals involved resulting in fresh air free of any chemical residue

Healthy Hair And Skin: With time, your skin and hair with getting more beneficial because of its ultra-clean water

Healthy And Tasty Cooking: Filtered water restore flavor and eliminate bad after taste due to pollutant in water, so enjoy great tasting food

Clothes Shelf life: Increased chlorine and other metals can decrease clothes color and quality, which will be solved by it

Reasonable Filtration Rate: You will get 7 gallons of filtered water each minute, saving your time also.

Pros & Cons of Aquasana Rhino


  • Cost friendly filtered water for $0.01 only for 1 gallon
  • Little maintenance required
  • Get good quality filtered water for both drinking and non-drinking purposes.
  • Add extra pro kits for more clean water


  • Not helpful to remove chlorine disinfectants and ammonia
  • If you install the system by yourself, you cannot claim a warranty

Customer Reviews 

The problem regarding scale buildup is sink and shower area are solved, and the water also tastes good same as any good quality water satisfied.
R.B George
R.B George
I recently bought this system, and it is helping me in many ways. Just try to hire a professional when installing it; don’t DIY yourself, or systematic problems can occur.
Lisa Oscar
Lisa Oscar
No issue has been seen for the last two years using this system. I change the filter from time to time and install them with the help of a licensed plumber. It makes my life a lot easier and better.
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma
I am a clean freak because of OCD, so for that reason, I purchased a UV system also, and this combo gives me good results all along with the house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

When to Change Its Filters? 

Stage 1 filters require fast replace after every two months, whereas other filters have a long life change after a long period according to their model type.

What method is needed to change the filter?

Open cartridge housing, replace one with a new one, and close its accommodation again.

Does my aquasana make water soft? 

Yes, it removes toxic metals, pesticides, harsh minerals, and herbicides, converting them into soft water.

Does it kill microorganisms? 

Yes, adding a UV lamp system to your original one will eliminate almost all viruses, bacteria, and some resistant to chlorine.

Final words

We try to answer all your doubts related to water filtration, your health, and safety in this Aquasana rhino review so you can make some solid decisions.

As we all know, it can remove harmful and harsh chemicals, metals, minerals, chlorine, microbes, VOCs other sedimentation providing you with clear, light freshwater for all your daily needs.

You can choose from its different models as per your need as how much your everyday water use and their running capacity,

So you don’t have to compromise on your taste, quality, and finance provides a good investment for a long-run product.

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