Aquasana AQ-5300 Review: Helpful Buying Tips in 2023

Aquasana AQ-5300 ReviewIn this Aquasana AQ-5300 review, we will evaluate if this under sink filter is entrusted and provide you with clean drinking water from the comfort of your home.

Now more people are going towards under sink filter systems because they easily fit in a small area and provide you with the best quality drinking water and fulfill standards and consumer demands.

In this AQ-5300 review, we will know if this undersink stands among the top in terms of its filtration capacity, performance, lifespan, and fit for your house kitchen and whether it is worth your money.

Descriptive Evaluation On Aquasana AQ 5300 Review

Detailed analysis of this three-stage with brushed faucet maximum flow water filtration system (under the sink) shows how it effectively cleans water for drinking and other purposes.


Brand : Aquasana

Capacity: 800 Gallons

Matrial: Metal

aquasana-aq- 5300


Its Three-Stage Filtration System

  1. Pre-filter: In stage 1, a 20-micron mesh captures large particles, sedimentation, silt, or rust so they do not damage and clog another filter, which increases water flow by 44%.
  2. Claryum filtration : In stages 2 & 3, combine ion-exchange action, activated + catalytic carbon, and sub-micron filter to capture minute particles and remove 77 pollutants like chlorine. PFOA/ PFOS up to 99% and many more like;
  • Chloramine & chlorine by 97%
  • Lead, asbestos, cysts, VOCs by 99%
  • Mercury by 95%


Because the filter capacity to clean unfiltered water is 80 gallons, it will last for almost six months; after that, you need a new filter.

Filter Replacement Detector

The system comes with a battery alarm that will make a sound and flash red light during each water flow for 15 seconds when the filter unit capacity reaches 95%, so you have to change it asap. A tool to change the filter is already present in this kit.

Water Flow Rate

It is about 0.72 GPM which means if you want a glass of water, it will take 15 sec; not a super-fast flow rate but not too slow either.


Tested and certified by NSF 42 for water taste, NSF 53 for filter water safety, and 501 is specifically for pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and pesticides contamination safety from water, so your water is safe enough to be ingested.

Installation And Warranty

Installation can be done quickly by anyone with the help of manual instructions. Each filtration system has a one-year warranty to ensure its quality is superior. We are all aware of Aquasana water filter’s product safety and quality.


This 3-stage filtration system is a little expensive compared to others but lasts longer and provides ultra-clean water, so it’s a one-time investment.

What Will You Get

You will have clean drinking water within your reach each time, free from any foul odor and smell now. Cooking is also safe and healthy and tastes better because this filtration system will retain beneficial minerals in the water. Also, during filtration, no chemical is added to the water. Isn’t it great?

Other Features

  • Model: Aq-5300+55
  • Weight: 7 Lb
  • Required Pressure: 20-80 Psi
  • Required Temperature: 40-90 Fahrenheit
  • Dimension: 4.25 X 12 X 12.85

Customer Reviews

When my spouse went to the second-hand shop, I assembled this system within an hour. We’ve been purchasing mineral water for five months now since our new place doesn’t have a fridge with water in its door. The water quality is excellent than water from the tap, and I can cut cash by replenishing my personal sports bottles.


This kit has been with us for seven months. If you install it correctly, which is simple, it will not leak. And if it is spreading, it’s malfunctioning, and you should request a new one if it’s under warranty.

Nail Smith
<strong>Nail Smith</strong>

We’ve been using Aquasana products for a decade or more. Based on the water company’s quality report, we choose to go with this 3 stage filtration system. It can filter more than a traditional carbon filter and comes close to what RO can do, relying on its performance data.

Before purchasing, make sure to check the specifications of your city’s water company and compare them to the filtration system before buying.

Mirah Selim
<b>Mirah Selim</b>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can this system fit well water?

This three-stage max flow system also works with well water; remember that the water supply should run directly through its tubing or faucets, not by pipes.

Is it practical to remove fluoride?

No list of contamination provided that this system removed the lack of fluoride reduction.

When to change its cartilage battery?

After six months, you’ll need to replace the battery with the new filter cartridges. The AQ-5300’s battery is in the manifold section. To change the battery, open the battery cover and replace the old one with the new one. The filtration system will beep five times and flash red when everything is attached correctly.

What kind of material is in tube piping?

The tubing system of this filtration system consists of polypropylene that is entirely BPA-free; even your filtration material is safe to use.


  • the filtration system is free from BPA
  • essential minerals retained during filtration
  • remove a wide range of contaminants
  • ANSI/NSF certified.


  • Not very fast water flow.
  • High-end products.

To Conclude

Suppose you are willing to invest in the high-end under-sink filtration system. In that case, it is perfectly fit to say that this Aquasana 5300 filter review will provide you with clean drinking water and 15x more purity than any top filter pitcher.

Also, installation, care, and maintenance are pretty straightforward and remove around 77 different contaminants. Certified and having a one-year warranty, we recommend this product.

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