Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter Reviews: Worth Buying?

Aqua-Pure-Whole-House-Water-Filter-ReviewIn this Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter Review , we’ll read all about it and find if it’s worth your money or not.

The Aqua-Pure AP903 is a low-cost whole-house water filter that helps eliminate chlorine. The cost is less than multi-filter systems as it is a single filter system.

If you know your main problems are chlorine and rust, the AP903 may be the easiest and most cost-effective option.

Detailed Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter Reviews

We’ve reviewed this product in detail for your ease. Keep reading to find out if it’s a good investment or not?


Material: : Stainless Steel

Item Weight: 9.8 Pounds

Duration: 12 months




Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) Design

The filter attachment mechanism’s SQC design enables convenient and simple filter cartridge changes without using a filter wrench. The replacement of the entire filter cartridge rather than just the filter lowers water leakage and waste and improves cleanliness during the filter replacement procedure. ​


This amazing filter has a 100,000 Gallons filter capacity. It’ll last a long time before it needs to be changed.


Its replacement cartridge has an activated carbon filter that can efficiently remove small particles and toxins. It has a reduction rating of 5 microns. It will also eliminate chlorine odor and taste in water.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of this outstanding filter is quite fast, i.e., 10-20 GPM making it the fastest rate of flow for any filter in the market. If you’re a big family or an impatient person, this is the one for you as it can filter water very quickly to meet your needs.

Corrosion Free

You can install 304 stainless steel heads on your pipelines to prevent corrosion. In this way, it’ll last longer.


It is NSF 42 standard certified. You must invest in a filter that is NSF/ANSI Certified.


The Aqua-Pure AP903 comes with a 25-year guarante e on the stainless steel head and a one-year warranty on the AP917HD-S filter cartridge.


The Aqua-Pure system is quite simple to install for the normal consumer, as it only has two basic components. It readily connects to your home’s water system. In comparison to other systems, the basic design of this system is tiny. As a result, it works well in smaller places, which is beneficial for those living in metropolitan areas with equally limited living spaces.

On the manufacturer’s website, you’ll find detailed installation instructions. They take the time to provide you with detailed instructions.

You can view the following video or read the comprehensive installation instructions solely from 3M’s website for a more detailed installation.

Customer Review

Since 2008, I’ve used it as my entire house filter. Because my water comes from a well, there is still the possibility of dirt or particulates. This filter, in my experience, will work for a year. I update it every year in January and have had no problems. This year, I wanted to see if it would last longer, but the water pressure in the shower had dropped noticeably by February. I persevered until April, and while the pressure was just bearable, it was unbearable if more than one faucet was in use. My old pressure has returned since I changed it! I’m going to change every year from now on!

<b>Lara</b><b> </b>

I am in Central Florida and have access to public water; however, the water was brown and tasted awful. My glasses were even stained with hard water! I searched for the best filter for my entire house and came across this one. It’s fantastic! Because of some placement concerns, I had to pay a professional to install it, which was much more expensive than the unit, but it was well worth it. My water has improved in taste and appearance. Best of all, my shower contains no chlorine; therefore, my eyes and skin are unaffected. The most wonderful nice addition to my home!

<b>John</b><b> </b>

A skilled plumber installed this with proper connections, a bypass, and various ball valves. The water quality has greatly improved, and the chlorine stench is no longer present. The filter cartridge may need to be redesigned around the o-rings because it leaks a drop every two minutes. Most pressurized systems should have two O-rings, so I’m hoping 3M notices this review and includes a second o-ring in the replacement cartridge.

<b>Kathy </b>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will this Aqua-Pure filter remove fungi/bacteria/viruses from water?

No, it will not remove viruses, bacteria, and fungi from water. It is made to remove particulate matter and chlorine odor and taste.

How long will this filter last?

The brand has provided a 25-year warranty on the stainless steel head and a one-year warranty on the filter cartridge.

How often do we need to change Aqua-Pure filters?

Every year you must filter for better performance. We’ve been using it for three years now, and we replace our Aqua-Pure filter once a year.


  • It has a fast flow rate.
  • It is small and fits in small spaces.
  • SQC design makes filter replacement easy.
  • You’ll have to change the filter only once a year.


  • It cannot treat well water.
  • You’ll have to install sediment pre-filter to prevent clogging.

Final words

We did our best to include everything in this Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter Review . We’ve tried this filter ourselves, and we think it is a cost-effective and high-performance filter. It can remove all impurities, and its high flow rate will not keep you waiting for clean and purified water. We recommend this Aqua Pure AP903 Filter .

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