Apex Water Filter Reviews: Pros, Cons and FAQs

Apex Water Filter ReviewsToday we will analyze if this Apex water filter review is efficient enough to make your tap water clean enough so you can drink it without any second thought; let’s see.

Suppose your water supply is not safe enough, and you are getting sick and nauseated or having other health problems. In that case, you need a competent, reliable, and effective solution because health is wealth.

Then after reading about the review, this countertop is an inexpensive and safe water filter to have, so you can quench your thirst without the worry of getting sick again.

Everything About Apex Water Filter Reviews

Everything About Apex Water Filter Reviews

In this 5 stage countertop filter, we will get to know everything about its features, performance, market value, and customer response so you can choose on your own accord.

Multistage Filtration Mechanism

Unfiltered water systematically passes through its multilayer filter from downward to inconsistent upward flow, providing clean filtered water.

  1. Pre-micro felt pad: eliminate more prominent particles-like rust, sand, sedimentation, stone, dirt, and other matter so that these particulates do not damage and clog other filter layers.
  2. KDF 55 layer: this filter removes + controls bacterial and other microorganism growth and captures heavy metals.
  3. Granulated active carbon: remove benzene, chlorine (99%), organic chemicals, radon, unwanted odor, and chloramine.
  4. Post-micro felt pad: again removing different particles that were not captured by other filters layer.
  5. Alkaline beads: add potassium and magnesium to water, thus remineralizing filtered water.
  6. Calcite layer: finally, it adds calcium to the water, making it alkaline and more beneficial for you.

Cartridge Lifespan

You must replace the filter cartridge after every 750 gallons of water, and it basically will last for six months.


This unit comes with one year of warranty under certain limits and guidance, which means they provide you with the highest quality product.


NSF/ANSI body approved with 42 and 61 standards to ensure that your drinking water is safe.


If we compare its price value with similar countertop products, its range is almost the same as others and quite affordable.


You can find it anywhere easily around you and online to choose from eight solid colors.

Portable And Easy To Install

This RF-1050 filtration system is in place around your sink area easily and installed in any kitchen faucet within no time, and anyone can do it because it requires no plumbing, special tools, or techniques.

Other Features

  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Dimension: 12 x 4.5 x 4.5
  • Max flow rate 1 GPM

Customer Reviews

I only recently discovered the advantages of drinking alkaline water. After reviewing the various systems, I decided to purchase this one. I’m delighted I got this one because it’s compact, and the setup was simple, just as they promised.

Because several people had expressed dissatisfaction with the filter during its replacement, according to the replacement recommendations, they say to put vaseline on the housing’s edge to make it much easier to remove the next time, and it works for me.

Natalie Jay
<b>Natalie Jay</b>

For many years, I’ve gone through many filtrations, so naturally reluctant to buy this one since I had ever been aware of this brand before and was concerned that this would be another brand from Chinese, as the online website has tons of them already.

Oliver. M
<b>Oliver. M</b>

I studied in a foreign country and needed a cleaner to avoid putting up with plastic bottles. It was a wise decision. With only a few exceptions, I am pleased with my order.

Thankfully, this time I was saved & this filtration system has made me very pleased. It was a breeze to set up, and the water tasted fantastic.

Bob Winters
<b>Bob Winters</b>

Even though the water supply in my region is fine, I always use a water purifier for drinking and other domestic things. This water filtration system is simple to install and operate; it attaches to the tap and comes with accessories for various nozzles.

Eva Hopkins
<b>Eva Hopkins</b>

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the technique for changing the filter?

Just put the system on its side to replace the filter. Now wrap the wrench securely around the casing and twist it counter-clockwise while gripping the unit with another hand, replacing its cartridge, and putting everything back together.

Will it work with any faucet?

Apart from a few, this item isn’t functional with pull-out faucets. Please visit the listing page site and click on the picture of the pull-out faucets that this item can work with.

Is there a cut-off for hot water?

No. The water comes out of the filter through a small knob that you turn. When you turn the knob on the hot water, it will come from your filter. However, running hot water into your filter is not suggested because it can damage your filter.

Is it able to purify water safely?

Yes, it eliminates most contaminants commonly found in drinking water, but contact them before buying if you have got a specific contaminant in your supply.




After computing and analyzing all about Apex water filter review , it is seen that it flushes out most of the contaminants from water.

But also remineralize it, making it more pH stable and healthy hence improving the taste and quality of your drinking water; super easy to set up everything from start to end. In short, it is a good countertop product to have for your house.

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