APEC Water Systems Installation – A Comprehensive Guide

APEC-Water-Systems-InstallationAPEC water filtration systems come with various components, and you must install them with some care.

The system is usually installed under the sink for most users. This article will explain the stepwise procedure for installing this water purification system for your home.

APEC Water Systems Installation – A Stepwise Guide

Tools You Will Require

  1. Drill machine
  2. Wrench
  3. Hammer
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Drill bits

Installation Of The Faucet

Installation Of The Faucet

First, get yourself ready and ensure everything you’ll need for the work is set up. Be careful when drilling the hole for the faucet, and work gently when placing the faucet. The hole must be precise enough to allow connections from below the sink.

Installing Drain Saddle

To continue the process, you must attach the drain saddle adapter. To prevent clogging and to protect the system from any pollutants that may cause obstruction, the adapter is positioned heightened up and a sufficient distance away from the waste disposal and the dishwashing output.

In addition, it is raised above the P-trap by a minimum of six inches and positioned directly above it. At this point, one must align the clamps aligned; and tighten them up.

Positioning The Unit


It is possible to place the main unit in a close base cabinet. If you would rather install the device on the wall, ensure the filters are removable without too much struggle.

Connecting Water Line

When connecting the water line from the filtration system to the pipeline that supplies cold water to the residence, a compressive connection is made. The connection threads are sealed using Teflon or joint glue, and connections are tightened using channel-type pliers. Proceed to put the Filter Unit Assembly together.

Unit Assembly

Before marking the area beneath the sink to get ready where the hanging washers are placed, you must remove the covering on the filter assembly.

The filtration system is raised half an inch from the ground so that you can clean it without touching the ground. Now make the necessary adjustments to the assembly located under the sink.

Tank Adjustment

Get the tank that will retain the water clean by the water filter fitted under the sink. Teflon tape is looped around the tank’s top threads twice in a circular pattern to get the desired effect. After you have completed the first step of hand-tightening the plastic shutdown valves, use a wrench or tweezers to give them a few rotations. Remember that the valve shouldn’t have too much pressure applied to it. Plastic threads are susceptible to damage quickly.


Hoses Connection

Make connections between the filter hoses and the device placed underneath the sink. To ensure that the hoses are adjusted correctly, it is best to read the instructions handbook first.


Pressure Test

Turning the water system off and running the cold water faucet to expel any air trapped in the plumbing system is advisable. The pressure would reach its full capacity in near to two hours. After the system has been pressurized, each connection must undergo a second inspection to ensure that nothing is too loose.

Final Step

Before consuming the water, let the tank drain by leaving the faucet open. After the water in the tank has been used, it will begin to pour out. Now that you’ve double-checked everything, it’s time for the last observation. Monitor the water flow while the cold water supply to the filtration system is activated and running. It is time to utilize filtered water if everything has been done properly up to this point.

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Some Important Considerations

  • Make sure that every link is safe.
  • Open the ball valve to increase the pressure, and then check for any leaks that may have developed.
  • Turn on the tap and open the water supply by releasing the pressure from the valve on the tank.
  • After turning off the water and waiting for five minutes, check for any leaks that may have occurred.
  • Maintain your patience while the system fills the tank with water.


APEC water filters clean drinking water by eliminating impurities such as ions, silt, and pollutants. You must install such a system if you want healthier water for drinking and cooking with a more robust taste.

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