APEC RO-90 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter System Review

When it comes to choosing a top-tier water filter system, look no further than the APEC Ultimate RO-90. This water filtration system offers up to 90 gallons of fresh and clean water per day, and you’ll save time and money when you stop fussing over bottled water at home. Wondering if the APEC Top Tier Supreme Water Filtration System is right for you? Let’s find out.

APEC Ultimate RO-90 Review

What’s it all about?

APEC Ultimate RO-90The APEC Ultimate RO-90 Water Filter Stem provides high-quality drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. It is one of the best-rated water filter systems in the United States. It is easy to use, easy to install and provides on-demand drinking water that has up to 1000 contaminants removed from it as it passes through the 5-stage purification system.

This water filter system has been recognized by the WQA for its performance and safety features because it removes arsenic, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and more quickly and easily. Not only does the APEC Ultimate RO-90 Water Filter System provide a one-year satisfaction guarantee warranty, but it is also backed by the FDA because of its food-grade tubing making it safe to use for all household applications. You might be interested in having a look on APEC ROES-50 Review, that is also one of best systems in the market.

What about the filters?

The five-filter system that comes standard on the APEC Top Tier Supreme Ultimate RO-90 Water Filter System provide contamination-free water on demand. The system is set up to provide up to 75 gallons of water per day, and the filters are built to last. There are three carbon-based filters, which is pretty standard amongst water filtration systems, and there are two additional filters, including one reverse osmosis filter for the cleanest water possible.

The filters are easy to install and replace and because they are double-life filters, you won’t have to worry about changing them very often. That means your dollar goes further and works harder to provide you with clean and fresh drinking water on demand.


What about the system components?

The APEC Top Tier Supreme Water Filter System has many components that are worth mentioning. This machine is made from high-quality performance parts and is assembled in the United States of America.

The performance levels of the water filter system include reaching up to 90 gallons of water filtration per day at 60 psi, and up to 75 gallons of water filtration per day when set to 50 psi. The constant temperature of the water is 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the benefits of the APEC RO-90 Top Tier Supreme?

Installing a top-tier water filtration system in your home means you are getting the best water you can with five levels of water filtration and a great warranty to back up your experience. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Saving time and money
  • Easy installation
  • Up to 90 gallons of water use a day
  • Removal of over 1000 harmful bacteria, virus, lead, chlorine and many more contaminants
  • Reverse osmosis water filtration system backed by three carbon filters
  • Easy to hide under your sink

What Features of APEC Ultimate RO-90 Water Filtration System are important?

Some of the features associated with the APEC Top Tier Supreme water filtration system include the quality materials it is built from in the United States. A quality result starts with a quality product. You won’t find a better-built water filter system around. APEC delivers on the performance of its products. The lead-free tubing means that you won’t have any water leaking from the filters and system reservoir. The powerful carbon blocks found in the filters purify and cleanse your water on-demand.

Features of APEC RO 90

Pros and Cons

There are numerous pros and cons associated with any water filtration system, but we were hard-pressed to find something wrong with this one. Here’s what we thought:

  • Easy installation – there are even videos online to help you install it yourself
  • Five-filter system
  • Removes 1000+ contaminants
  • Top-tier system
  • We liked this water filter system and couldn’t find any cons to report.


The APEC Ultimate RO-90 Water Filter System is at the top of its game when it comes to quality and performance. With a great warranty, money-back guarantee, and even online videos to help you install-it-yourself, it’s hard to imagine choosing a better water filter for you and your family. If this RO system doesn’t meets your requirements checkout some other reverse osmosis systems on Watery Filters.

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